Zimmerer takes in Nebraska camp

So there C.J. Zimmerer was, walking into Nebraska camp, one of the latest commitments and he knew it. Going to camps took on a whole new meaning this past week for Zimmerer who attended as a future Husker. While he was there he got to meet up with one of his future teammates and got a chance to work with a legendary fullback from Nebraska.

It was going to be multiple camps for C.J. Zimmerer until he picked up the offer from Nebraska and committed shortly after. Since his camp this past week, Zimmerer has been hard at work.

"I have been working hard," Zimmerer said. "It was a 12 hour work day today. It's the college word series so my tent company is really busy right now."

The camp was a first chance for a lot of players to get back into the football mindset. What is just different about camps is who you see while you were there.

"I had a great time. I was really glad to get back in football mode there. It was pretty interesting to see guys from guys and other guys that I don't get to see a lot.

"At the combine down in Dallas I got to see some guys from out of state. It was just interesting to see those guys from in-state is all."

There is a big of a spotlight on players when they come into camp, committed, and they want to show well. Zimmerer came in a little nervous, but most of all he went there wanting to learn.

"Yeah, I was kind of nervous. Usually, I wouldn't go in that nervous but you go in with something to prove. I didn't run a very good time in my 40.

"Other than that, I just went in trying to learn something new and have some fun. I was a little nervous though compared to what I might have been."

Besides getting to work out, Zimmerer had a chance to meet a couple of people that he had never met before committing. He also got a taste of what life will be like living on campus.

"I finally got to meet my position coach, Coach Tim Beck, and meet the head coach, Bo Pelini, face to face. I got to know just about all of the other coaches.

"I got a chance to stay in the dorms. That was kind of nice. It gave me a glimpse of what that is going to kind of be like I guess."

There was an opportunity to meet Cole Pensick, another Nebraska commitment at camp, but not a lot of opportunities to talk. Zimmerer said that it appeared that the side of the ball is still up in the air for Pensick.

"I didn't get a chance to talk to Cole too much. He was working with the lineman and I was with the running backs. I think that we are both pretty excited about the future at Nebraska.

"I don't know if he's going to end up on offense or defense. I think that he actually worked out at both. I am not sure. I didn't get to see him, honestly."

While Pensick's position at Nebraska is up in the air it seems that Zimmerer's is not. His future position coach wanted him to work out with one of the best fullbacks in Nebraska's history.

"I asked Coach Beck about that after the first day and he wanted me to stay with him. He wanted me to get some work in with Cory Schlesinger who was there.

"I couldn't really pass up on that. I don't really plan on playing defense down there at Nebraska so it was good for me to get my work in with the offense."

With the one camp that Zimmerer was going to attend this summer behind him it's back to work. Zimmerer is also looking at getting in some volunteer time later this summer as well.

"I am going to be working a lot. I am going to do some volunteering. I will be volunteering at the little kids' camp up at Gross. I volunteer at a Youth Diabetes camp, because I have diabetes too. I try to help out."

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