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Fans often say that the media is too biased, has too much of an agenda and doesn't understand the average fan. Who better to relate to the fans than a fellow fan. In our latest addition to BRR, a real fan gives you a real view from their perspective. What more can a fan want? Enjoy "X-tra Points - A Fan's View".

Summer is upon us. And as the clock advances towards Fall, the anticipation of a new season builds for eager fans posting on Husker message boards everywhere. But, there's one small problem:

What is there to talk about?

Yes, there is always something new to discuss concerning Nebraska recruits. Recruiting news happens all year long. Topic of discussion include, but are not limited to, which recruits will be attending all the major football camps, and where? The high school performance of current Nebraska commits, and juicy gossip about the latest leanings of a potential recruit are only a few mouse clicks away. But as a whole, the summertime flow of information only tempers the hunger for news-starved Husker fans everywhere.

So, what do famished Nebraska fans discuss to satiate their appetite for all things Husker?

Hash. Or more specifically, (re)hash. Hash just wasn't good enough the first time around, so let's have another helping of rehash! Just like a good pot of chili con carne, discussions always seem to be better after they have had a chance to sit and age a bit.

Well, let's analyse the most popular topics discussed the past several (weeks?) (months?) (years?) :

I could provide my unique, yet unbiased opinion on the Solich firing. Or, I know you are absolutely dying to hear about my thoughts in the Pederson "greased pig chase" that he called a coaching search? I'm sure you'd enjoy reading my thoughts again, and again, and again concerning the Callahan hiring, contract extension, and eventual firing. Certainly, those topics have been discussed enough, haven't they? Or have they? Shall I?


Worry not. Take a deep breath. I know you're thinking of it now, but I assure you: there is absolutely no need to put your index fingers in your ears and endlessly chant, "La la la la la la la I can't hear you la la la la". It doesn't work. Trust me on this.

Hey! Put down the blunt instrument you're holding and slowly…back…away. *whew* Good.

Do not despair. Instead of assaulting the horse that will not die, I will dig deep into my own personal archive of opinionated commentaries to repost a timeless classic.

Let us take a ride in the Wayback Machine back to 2001, and the BCS Rose Bowl selection of Nebraska. Remember the outcry from the media? According to the experts, more deserving teams (Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Texas, etc.) were snubbed. Remember the comments from whiny-assed Herbstreit, and fouled up Fowler? Every pundit with a pen and a mouth had an opinion about that ‘miscarriage of justice' BCS selection back then.

Now, it's my turn. For your reading enjoyment, I present to you: My online rant about the BCS selection of Nebraska in 2001. Enjoy.


Dear Sports Media Pundits,

Here's to you, the Husker hating media out there. Yes, YOU, (Nebraska in the championship game will be a travesty) Herbstreit. Yes, YOU, Chris (I'm a Buff grad and I can't stay impartial) Fowler! Yes, YOU, the bolts of lightning in the media storm trying to rain fire and brimstone all over the BCS and its Rose bowl selection of Nebraska.

You claim Nebraska doesn't deserve it.

Ok, then. Compared to whom, exactly? Let's take a look:

Oklahoma? A loss to Nebraska, and they got beat by a fired up in-state rival in their last game. 2 losses.

Florida? Nope. They lost to Auburn. Lost again to Tennessee at home. Strike two on them as well.

Texas? They lost to OU, and lost the rematch with CU, Sure, it's not Applewhite's fault, but....2 losses.

Tennessee? Oops, so sorry. You failed to win the washer/dryer combo. Please accept our courtesy prizes before the door hits you in the ass on the way out! They lost to LSU in their conference championship game as well. 2 losses.

Oregon? 1 loss. Maybe, maybe not. They didn't play a tough schedule, and didn't win convincingly against the (weaker than anticipated) Pac-10 opponents.

Colorado? 2 losses. Maybe? It would be a first for a 2 loss team, so I doubt it. Sure, they beat the Huskers and Texas in their last two games. However, last time I checked, there were 10 other games on their schedule as well. Can't forget that loss to a WAC(!) team (Fresno State) at home and a blowout loss to Texas hurt their chances. Don't forget, the aggregate points in both UT/CU games favors Texas, by a wide margin!

So, who's left? Yes, the evil minion of college football, Nebraska. One bad loss on the road to a ranked Colorado team hurt their chances. Maybe they don't deserve it.

However, the teams who had the chance to seal their position in the Rose Bowl, couldn't and didn't take advantage of it.

It's not Nebraska's fault all those teams lost crucial games within the last couple of hectic weeks.

It's not Nebraska's fault that Oregon lost to Stanford at home.

It's not Nebraska's fault Colorado screwed up in the 4th quarter with a bad pass against Fresno State. It's definitely not Nebraska's fault Colorado didn't show up to play during the first Texas matchup. It wasn't Nebraska that scored those 41 points on their defense that day. Texas did.

Yes, Nebraska didn't go to the championship game. That's right, they didn't win the North division. But, they are the only one loss team in the Big XII, and all the cards fell just right.

No one could have predicted, or even expected this chain of events to happen, but they did.

Deal with it!

It is said that Husker fans are among the greatest in college football. They're humble in victory, and gracious in defeat. They are as objective as humanly possible about the different polls. They wouldn't have whined and complained if Nebraska wasn't selected for the Rose Bowl. Nebraska fans figure, "We lost at Colorado, we blew our chance. Get them next year." That's where YOU, the hyperbolic media, have failed.

Maybe you should ask a Husker fan if they offer lessons.


Part two, Re: Dear Sports Media Pundits,

For those in the media who still aren't convinced:

I'd love to read, category by category, the arguments that your bandwagon team is more deserving of selection to the Rose Bowl, as compared to Nebraska or Colorado. (or Maryland, or Illinois or OU or Texas, etc, and so forth)

Hell, I'll sure you'll even find someone who'll argue for KSU.

Subjective measurements can (and usually are) argued until the cows come home. Point of the matter is, there can be only one winner in this situation.

In any type of competition, be it debate, chess or college football, there are lots of deserving people/teams who could have, might have, even should have won. There can be only one winner. Someone has to finish second.

Unfortunately, only one team can play Miami. Still, for those of you who show obvious disdain for the BCS process as it stands now, may I remind you that integrity of the selection process requires the standards and rules already established for the BCS must not be changed during the season.

It boils down to this. It is NOT about selecting the team that is fully qualified to go to the Rose Bowl. The BCS selects the team that is the 'most' qualified. It's like that intelligence test that isn't looking for the only 'correct' answer, they're looking for the 'best possible' answer of those available.

Only time will tell if they got it right.

So, what now? If the system's broke, fix it before the next time around. Better yet, figure out a way to have a playoff system.

Decide it on the playing field. Only then, will this debate end.

Part three, Re: Dear Sports Media Pundits,

Put this tidbit of info between your cheek and gum.

I found this small ray of sunshine in the current media storm: sportsillustrated.cnn.com...cs_huskers 

It's a 'pro Nebraska' article (imagine that!) by John Donovan at CNNSI.com. It's a crying shame articles like these are so few and far between. Maybe it is because he earns his paycheck by thinking then writing, instead of spewing out more mindless tripe.

Again, I ask you, anti-Nebraska media: Why aren't you championing your cause with other similar 'miscarriages of justice'? If you'd spread you butt cheeks long enough to compensate for your rectal-cranial inversion, I'd love to hear you so called 'experts' offer a clear explanation as to why Florida is currently ranked ahead of Tennessee, and Texas is ranked ahead of OU. Not just the BCS, mind you, but both the Coaches and the AP poll reflect this as well. Hmmmm?

Now, don't go blaming the computer polls used in the BCS formula for your own oversight. Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity.

Yes, you, the mentally constipated, try not to sprain your frontal lobe when you jump back on that Nebraska bandwagon, ok? Climb back aboard, it has to be better than the ride on the manure spreader you're currently hitched to now.

Yes, I'm talking to you, the hypocritical so-called 'media experts' trying to knock the system and complain that the BCS selection procedure was a 'travesty'. You'll have much better luck convincing a bloodhound your farts don't stink. I'm turning the same argument back on you....Herbstriet, Fowler and the rest of you mindless sheep are getting it right back at you.

If they honestly believe that Nebraska is an unworthy participant in the Rose Bowl, they had better explain why they're not addressing these other questions I've addressed here as well.

But no. I suppose their support of other teams such as Hawaii (why aren't they going to a bowl?) isn't as important. Husker bashing appears to be the 'in' thing to do at the moment. Got to create a controversy to drive up those ratings you know.


Well, there's something everyone talked about back in the day. Ah, the memories. Now, shall we talk about the triumph of Nebraska against Oklahoma on Thanksgiving week in 1978? Or, how about those blown calls against Penn State in 1981?


Well, ok. Maybe later. I guess some of us are still too wrapped up in rehashing that Solich vs. Callahan vs. Osborne vs. Pederson debate to care at the moment.

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