Famous last name graces Nebraska camp

The Nebraska camp had a lot of good senior-to-be talent. It also has some top performances by some underclassmen as well. This particular junior-to-be traveled up from deep inside of Texas for camp. It's a little surprising, but it was this player's first time in Lincoln. It's surprising because he is the son of the Heisman Trophy winner, Mike Rozier.

The son of Heisman Trophy winner Mike Rozier was in the first session of Nebraska football camp. JaMichael Rozier, a 5-foot-8 and 180-pound running back from Klein (Texas) Collins, was in for the whole session.

"I was up at the Nebraska camp from Saturday through Tuesday," Rozier said. "I was up there for the entire camp. I think that I did well."

Rozier was pretty happy with his performance. While he wasn't given his time back by the Nebraska coaches he got a good indication from the Nebraska staff that it was a good time.

"We did the 40-yard dash and they asked me to run it again. It was the running back coach that asked me to run it again. I think that it had to be pretty fast. Probably 4.4 to 4.5.

"We did our one on one drills too and I did pretty well on those. I caught all of the balls that were thrown to me and everything."

It was the first time JaMichael has ever been in Lincoln despite being Mike's son. The coaches knew who he was and word traveled through the camp about him.

"That was my first time. All of the coaches knew who I was. Also a couple of the players that were there started to find out throughout the camp."

Although it was JaMichael's first chance to get to Lincoln he didn't get a lot of opportunities to look around. He only saw the name of his dad on the stadium in the North End zone.

"No, I didn't get a lot of chances. I didn't have any time and got treated like everyone else. I saw his name on the stadium. I didn't get to go to the Heisman room, but I have seen his Heisman."

Rozier liked what he saw in Lincoln while he was there. He noticed how nice all of the people seemed to be and that the area was a little less populated in comparison to what he is used to.

"I kind of liked out how everyone knew everyone and there weren't a lot of people. Here in Texas, it's a lot bigger. There, it's a lot more personal."

Rozier also liked the coaching staff. He got a chance to talk with just about everyone on the staff, but two really stood out to him while he was in Lincoln.

"They all seemed really nice. I got a chance to meet and talk to Tim Beck and he was really nice. I talked to Bo Pelini and the rest of the coaches."

The Huskers have been recruiting "The Son of Mike" for a while now. They aren't the only ones to take note of Rozier either. Expect his popularity to only continue to grow with more opportunities to carry the football.

"Nebraska has been recruiting me for a while now. I think that we have been getting letters from Coach Shawn Watson. I also get stuff from Oklahoma State, TCU and Houston.

"I split time last year with a senior. I had around 500 yards rushing and four touchdowns. I was the leading rusher on our team. I was an honorable mention all-district selection."

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