Visit to Nebraska a "9" or "10"

Nebraska has been a popular destination lately for campers and unofficial visitors alike. While the Huskers host one of the top quarterbacks in the nation this week, Cody Green, quietly one of the top offensive linemen in the nation slipped in for an unofficial visit, Sam Longo. Longo was finishing up a seven campus tour and it ended on a high note in Lincoln.

It may have just worked out for Sam Longo and his father to finish up a seven day tour in Lincoln (Nebr.), but the visit to Nebraska went extremely well. Longo, a 6-foot-5 and 270-pound offensive lineman from Bellbrook (Ohio) was heading home, finally.

"We are in the car," Longo said. "We are in Missouri right now on our way home. Nebraska was the seventh school that we visited in last seven or eight days.

"We started last Sunday on the West Coast. We saw Stanford, USC and UCLA. We came back and saw Purdue, Northwestern, Iowa and Nebraska."

The Nebraska visit went well for Longo. Longo and his father came away impressed with the academics, the coaching staff and the town of Lincoln.

"It was really great. I really enjoyed my time there. Pretty much everything stood out. They have great academics. They have the most Academic All-Americans in the nation.

"They're facilities are obviously great. The coaching staff was really great. It was a great college town. We were downtown at our motel and could see the stadium. We really enjoyed it."

Longo and his father got a chance to really sit down with Longo's possible position coach at Nebraska, his recruiting coach and the head coach. They did get a chance to meet the entire staff too.

"We got a chance to meet with Coach Barney Cotton and spend some time with him. We spent a lot of time with Carl Pelini. We also got a chance to talk with Bo Pelini for about 30 minutes.

"We really got a chance to meet everyone on the staff including the strength coach so that was really nice. The reason why I met with Carl so much was because he is my recruiting coach."

The Huskers are number seven of seven to host Longo in the past week or so. That could be either good or bad, but in this case the visit compared extremely well with the past visits so far.

"They definitely stood out to me. I would say that they are definitely one of my best visits that I have taken so far. If I had to rank it the visit would be a "9" or a "10". I really enjoyed my visit."

When Longo makes his decision he will be looking for academics, the people associated with the program and the university as well as the possibility of playing early.

"Obviously great academics, like what Nebraska has, and great people in the program; the coaches, the academic staff and the players. I guess possible early playing time that Nebraska possibly presents a chance at."

It will be a short stay for Longo and his father in Ohio before they hit the road again. They leave out later this week for another tour, but this time of the schools to the East.

"We are still going to the East Coast. That starts Thursday with Penn State then we head to Maryland, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Virginia, West Virginia, Miami, Florida and Florida State. That will be all the visits."

With all of these trips under Longo's belt in the next week or two he might be ready to make a decision later this summer. Otherwise, the list can at least be trimmed and maybe take some official visits. Longo would still like to get the commitment out of the way before this fall.

"I'd like to make a decision sometime before my senior season. You go on all of these visits before the season and it's been a great experience for me.

"I might just narrow it down to a top three and go from there, but I would really like to commit before my senior season."

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