Nebraska visit over for top-five QB

The anticipation behind a visit from one of the best quarterbacks in the country is bound to make any fan of that particular team take notice. Of course they hope the visit went well, that the quarterback was impressed and that their school seemed to that player like it was the place to be. Did Cody Green get that feeling from his visit to Lincoln? We asked him just how his experience went.

It was only a one-day camp experience for Cody Green, one of the top rated quarterbacks in the country. And much of his experience in Lincoln was involving looking at potential future at Nebraska rather than getting completely enthralled in the camp experience.

But Green did get a one-day session in where he competed in the various drills, which for any quarterback, can be interesting at times. "If you aren't used to throwing to stationary targets, it takes a little getting used to. But I thought I did pretty well," he said.

The camp experience aside, it was a business trip as well for Green, he and his mom coming to Nebraska to see what the school was like, talk to the coaches and just get a feel for the place. After being able to talk to all of the coaches and the Huskers' current starting quarterback Joe Ganz, Green says the feelings he gets are all good. "The coaches are amazing – all of them, and coach (Shawn) Watson really knows his stuff," Green said of Nebraska's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. "And coach "Eck" (Mike Ekeler), he's something else."

Like with any player, though, who wants to know what his future may be like at a certain place, they like to go to players currently on the team and see what they think. For Green it only made sense that Ganz, going into his senior year, would be just the guy to talk to, and Green said that the message Ganz gave to him was emphatic to say the last.

"He said that Nebraska finally has the right people in place. They finally have the right coaches for the team," he said. "He was a cool guy and he obviously knew everything about the offense they run. But he was real positive about what is going on there, just real upbeat about everything. So, that was nice to see."

No trip to Nebraska is complete without checking out the facilities which seem to get upgrade on an annual basis, and, of course, the field, which he got to see during the actual camp. The irony for Green is that one of the things which stands out so much about the Huskers, is also a trademark of his other favorite team. "The fans. Nebraska has big-time fans. I have been to games at Texas A&M and they have great fans, too," he said. "But at Nebraska, it's like the entire state supports that team. It's like the thing they really love. That's pretty amazing when you think about it."

Considering the fact that Green will be enrolling in his future school in January, there's an obvious sense of urgency when it comes to figuring out which school he'll attend. But an early decision gives Green more than just an opportunity to concentrate solely on his final prep season in the Lone Star state. It also gives him a chance to help build his team of the future.

"That is really one of the things I have been looking a lot at – who a team has in the class and who they are going after," Green said. "Because once I commit to a school, I am going to become a recruiter for them and just see how many great players we can get."

Fans are abuzz about the potential of Green, sporting one of the highest rankings and capable of single-handedly taking a class which may not be stellar and turning it into one of the best. Green looks at that, but his priority now is figuring out just which class that will be.

It's down to two, Texas A&M and the University of Nebraska.

Now it's just a matter of time.

How much?

"Probably the second or third week of July. That's when I think I will have a good idea of where I want to go. That's when I plan on making my decision," he said.

As for Nebraska, while Green certainly isn't claiming either school as a favorite right now, what he hoped to see in Lincoln is just what he got. "It was amazing. It met all of my expectations and I think it met all of my mom's expectations. With my visits behind me I just have to decide," he said.

"But both are great places and I know I can't go wrong with either one. That's what will make it tough, but I know no matter what I decide, I'm going to be at a very good place for me."

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