Junior shines at camp

While this year's talent pool for the in-state crop is pretty well known it's never too late to start talking about the underclassmen prospects. Already known is Andrew Gonzalez, a two way lineman from Aurora (Nebr.), but this player is a little more under the radar until now. This junior running back left it all on the field in Lincoln at camp.

At 5-foot-10 and 185-pounds, Antaries Daniels has the type of size you like in your running back. Then you realize that he is just a junior with two years left to develop and the sky is the limit.

The standout running back from Omaha (Nebr.) Northwest had 155 rushing attempts for 922 yards, a six yards per carry average and had 12 rushing scores. He added 20 more receptions for 219 yards and two more scores.

He made noise as a sophomore in Class A football at Northwest. There was little surprise that while in Lincoln at football camp that he was allowed to move up and practice with the upper classmen.

"I was up at the first session," Daniels said. "I worked on my blocking there because was really something that I needed to work on.

"I actually got to move up and work out with the seniors while I was there. The put you in there by class, so I moved up to work with the seniors.

"I think that they have a strong interest me, and didn't talk to me about offering, but moving me up tells me what they think of me."

While Daniels is from just down the road in Omaha it was his first time on the campus. "That was my first time being on their campus. I liked working with Coach Tim Beck. He's a real good guy."

There are a lot of teams that are already showing interest in Daniels like Nebraska, Notre Dame, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State. Daniels says that he does like Nebraska right now.

"I like Nebraska. They are towards the top because it's close. My mom and I have moved around all my life, but this is going to be my first time playing at a school for more than one year.

"Every time I get to a school and get established we would move. We are staying, that's for sure. I have moved around a lot in my life up to this point."

Daniels gives a lot of his credit when it comes to him and his game. He says that his team goes 100% at him in practice and he has reaped the rewards of his and their hard work.

"My teammates have helped me out. They come at me hard just like a game situation. My back up and my line all really play hard and are all good."

Daniels as a runner thinks that he utilizes his team mates' abilities well. He also thinks that he is a tough runner and goes 100% until the whistle blows.

"I think that I use my blocks well. I think that I am difficult to bring down. The first guy usually fails at tackling me. I also go to the whistle."

After the Nebraska camp; Daniels is looking forward to just working out. He works out with his team and also with a trainer there in Omaha. He also gives time back to his school and hopes that it all pays off with a state title.

"I really don't want to do anything else. I want to work out with the team. I work out with Yano Jones at Red Zone Academy which is a leadership academy.

"I am dedicated to my school. I go and give time to working with the little league team. I try to get everyone involved and get everyone better. I think that this is our year.

"Last year we were all sophomores. We are all back and we are really strong. I am just focused on being a leader for this team and hopefully lead us to the promised land."

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