Qvale picks up two more offers

Brent Qvale is becoming a very popular name right now. The 6-foot-7 and 300-pound Qvale was sitting on four offers before he started his summer tour of camps. With a tour of three schools under his belt, he returns home today with three division one offers and one was from a school where he didn't even work out. What's next for Qvale?

Williston (N.D.) product, Brent Qvale, is going get his chance to play division one football. The first to offer him a division one opportunity was Nebraska following his camp in Lincoln. Following a trip to Lincoln, Qvale hit the road again for more camps.

"We were in Lincoln first," Qvale said. "After that we went to Ames to Iowa State. Then we went to Wisconsin. After that we visited some family and today I am headed back home."

Qvale found out quickly what Nebraska thought of him offering him immediately following his time in Lincoln. Since then, two other division one teams have followed Nebraska's lead and offering him.

"Nebraska was the first to offer me. They offered me after we left Lincoln. Since then I was offered by Wisconsin and I got a call from my coach telling me that Iowa offered without even seeing me. I was going to go there, but it was flooded."

The point of this summer trip and these camps was simple for Qvale. He was going to try and get that division one offer that had eluded him up to this point.

"I went on these trips to hopefully get division one offers. I wanted to get offered by these teams that I wanted to go and visit. That was exactly what it was for."

Now, with division one offers in hand, does Qvale have the information necessary to possibly commit? "It depends. We are going to discuss it and if I feel good about it I think that I could make a decision."

Qvale took the time to talk about all of the campuses that he saw while he was on his trip. He also got a chance to rate them against one another and based on what he saw.

"I would say that the Nebraska visit was close to a "10" for sure. I saw everything that there was to see. I got all of the tours there.

"I wouldn't rate Iowa State as high. I didn't even get a tour there. I just went there, did the camp and talked to the coach. I would say it was a "6".

"I would say Wisconsin was about a "9". I saw about everything that there was to see. I didn't see the academics, but we would have had we not left."

The summer trips to see schools are probably over as Qvale gets ready for some basketball. He will also start his training for football and getting ready for his senior year.

"I have a couple of team basketball camps. For football, I just want to start getting ready for the season. No more trips unless I decide to take official visits this fall.

"I have to really think about what is going to happen with Iowa since I didn't see them. I might have to wait and take an official visit there. I need to go home and figure it out."

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