Jewell hits the camps

The names out of Nebraska camp are far and few between because of no allowed media, but some names come up like Jack Jewell. Jewell is going to get noticed though wherever he goes. As he stands today, Jewell is the size and sometimes bigger than some other division one defensive ends. He just came off of two camps and is looking for that first offer.

Jack Jewell knows about the Oklahoma Sooners and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. While the folks of Nebraska think that Jewell just left Bellevue (Nebr.) West to go to Norman (Okla.) then they know just part of the story.

"I was actually at Bellevue West for just my freshman and sophomore seasons," Jewell said. "I was born in Norman. My dad is in the Air Force. We moved to the U.K. then to Bellevue.

"Now I am back in Oklahoma for my junior and now my senior years. I would say that out of the places that I have lived that I call Bellevue and Norman both my homes."

Jewell coincidentally took in a camp at Oklahoma and then followed it up by going to Lincoln for a camp at Nebraska. Jewell had a good time at both camps.

"I was at Oklahoma the week before the Nebraska camp. I thought that I did pretty good there. I turned in a 4.55 agility time and a 5.13-second, 40-yard dash time, but that's not legit. I am usually a 4.9."

"Nebraska was pretty fun. The defensive line drills were new to me and I wasn't accustomed to doing them. I didn't get my times there, but I did really good on the one on one's. There were some good lineman there to go against."

At the Nebraska camp, he was watched closely by his recruiting coach, Barney Cotton, but there were no discussions about where Nebraska saw him. Jewell knows that Nebraska is interested though by the attention they have been giving him.

Still, the wait continues to pull in that first offer. "I don't have any offers yet. I am just going to do my thing and see what happens."

Jewell is a 6-foot-6 defensive end from Norman (Okla.). As a junior Jewell has 70 tackles and 12 sacks. He claims a 4.9/40 time.

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