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The ‘Dog Days of Summer' are rapidly approaching. It is the sultry calm before the storm. It is the time when both fan and media alike anticipate another football season. Before you realize it, the time will come when fall practice, the two-deep depth chart, and the opening game will be upon us once again.

I'm ready. Are you ready?

Nope! No, you're not. Not quite. You might like to think you are ready for the season, but you're not. Why? I know you're forgetting something important. Of course, it's not important on the large scale of things. But to most of us, it is necessary. Our journey towards the season will be incomplete without it. So, why is it important? Because you, the fan, always say it is.

So, what exactly is it?

Any fan with even the most casual interest in the Cornhuskers wants to know what others fans throughout the universe are thinking. Both Husker fans and Husker haters love to share their very own offseason predictions and prognostications.

Will Nebraska have a successful season? Or, are they doomed to failure? Will the team win? Will they lose? How much will they improve over last season's win/loss record? Or, perish the thought, will they be even worse than the previous year? Oh, no! The horror! GASP!

Fans gather like moths to a flame to get all the latest predictions from every so-called ‘expert' they can get a hold of. All the newspapers, magazines and each sports related web site you can think of provides a wide variety of predictions from their ‘experts'. Why do they do this? Because they know that you want to know!

Writers everywhere will be offering up their opinions on the coming season. The most important question remains: will the team meet expectations? But, whose expectations will they meet. The coaches? The players? No, the big question people gather to discuss is this:

Will the team meet YOUR OWN expectations?

Let's face the bitter facts. Not every writer throughout America follows the Huskers as much as we do, because it's just not possible. The average sports writer out there doesn't have the same passion and drive as we do to learn ‘all things Husker'. Let's face it, they won't...and they never will.

Remember, while reading predictions, whether they originated on an overhyped network wanting to boost television ratings, or one in your local newspaper, please take these few words of advise:

When you read a review written by ‘Mr. Joe Blow Sportswriter' which, for some reason or another, you determine to be less than complimentary towards the Nebraska Football program, don't fret or panic! Remember, they are basing their decisions primarily on information gathered from the current player rosters and last year's scores and statistics. Most sportswriters base their articles on second hand information. They haven't watched the games, nor interviewed the coaches and players. The stereotypical sportswriter out there can't, won't (and probably shouldn't) follow your favorite program as closely as you do. So, don't expect them to! Bottom line: Read their biased review, and take it with a grain of salt. Then, discuss!

Now, with that point driven home, how about I put on the prognostication hat and provide a forecast of the season to come?

Stop laughing. Hey, I'm trying to be serious here. I'm a man, and I'm forty! I can handle it!

Ok, maybe I'm a tad older than that, but you get the general idea! Feel free to agree or disagree with me, after all, they're only predictions. Take it for what it's worth, but here's my prognosis for the Nebraska Cornhuskers of 2008. Enjoy!


August 30 – Western Michigan. It's the opening game of the new season, and hope springs eternal! We finally get to see what kind of team the new coaching staff can assemble on the field. The offense doesn't miss a beat, but the headlines will be about how the defense plays aggressive and with passion. Mistakes will be made early on both sides of the ball, but the Huskers will get the job done. What else would you expect? Win.

September 6 – San Jose State.

Game two. Fight! Not much different than game one, but there's a strong sense the team is starting to gel. Defense is showing improvement. Win.

Even without players like linebacker Xavier
Adibi,. Tech will still be athletic and talented.

September 13 – New Mexico State

Will the Aggies give the Huskers a game? In a word, no. This is Nebraska, remember? Win.

September 27 – Virginia Tech

The first litmus test of the season. VT was ranked in the top 10 last year and first in the Atlantic Coast Conference. It will be a huge challenge for the Cornhuskers. My heart says one thing, but my head says another. Home field will be a huge advantage, but in the end, I fear the Hokies will prevail. Loss.

October 4 – Missouri

Huskers bounce back in a revenge matchup from last year. Booger gets picked at least twice, both on and off the field. The coaches and the fans will the Huskers to victory! The first ‘feel good' win of the year! We are back, baby! Win.

October 11 – Texas Tech

I dread the spread. You should too. But, this is where Coach Bo makes an impact on the defensive side of the ball. But it won't be enough. Loss. October 18 – Iowa State

You already had your chance, Cyclones, and you blew it. Next! Win.

October 25 – Baylor

Ha. Ha. Ha. That's a good one. Win.

November 1 – Oklahoma

Back to reality for the Big Red. Almost, but…not quite. There's still a ways to go. Loss.

Ron Prince could be on his last legs at KSU
November 8 – Kansas

It's payback time, with interest! The feathered opponent can't swim in the Sea of Red! Block. Squawk. Jayhawk! Well, at least that was the plan, anyway. NU with back to back losses in a close one at home. Loss.

November 15 – Kansas State

Nebraska helps Ron Prince complete his resume for a new job. Thank you Ron, drive though. Just a small word of advice, Ron: major programs don't accept job applications through text messages. Win.

November 28 – Colorado

Big XII North up for grabs, and the Huskers deliver in the clutch. Win.


So, I predict an 8-4 record with a realistic chance of going into the Big XII championship game and a rematch with Oklahoma. Realistically, the Kansas and Missouri games could go either way, so it won't surprise me to see an 9-3 or a 7-5 record. The potential is there, but it looks like it may be a return trip to the Alamo Bowl again this year.

See you in San Antonio! I'll buy you a margarita on the River Walk.

Disclaimer: My predictions are subject to change without notice or your permission. Nyaah

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