Florida CB makes a change

Touted as one of the best at his position from the state of Florida, that carries a whole lot of weight. Enough weight that you can count the number of times people have thrown at you all season on one hand. You heard enough? No? Well check out the rest for more on this outstanding Florida DB.

Mike Jenkins - CB - 5-11, 180, 4.5/40 - Bradenton, FL. (Southeast) - As just one of a fortunate few, Mike hasn't finished his season quite yet. Waiting on another playoff game, Mike's got his sights set on greater things in the future. "Everyone wants the title game." Mike said. "That's what we're here for".

Simply put, simply meant and it describes Jenkins' mentality as well. He won't give you the long explanation of why he likes the defensive side of the ball so much. He gives it to you straight. "I like to lock my man down and hit people." Jenkins stated. "Nobody throws to me, so I have to go after guys."

Mike considers himself to be somewhat of a cross between a DB and a Safety. More because it's what he has to do to find something to do back there. "My guy is my priority, but if it's going away from my guy, but I got a chance on the play, I'm going for the hit."

With a player this talented, you could expect some of the big boys to be looking and looking hard. Not having far to gaze, the Florida schools are doing just that. In fact, all three major ones (Florida, Florida State and Miami) are all on Mike's list to visit and as for the rest, Mike has Auburn, Iowa and Nebraska.

Not too bad at all.

Out of the visits made, Jenkins had one scheduled for Nebraska on the 13th of December, but as his team is still playing with the potential to be playing into the next month, Mike's had a change of plans. "I am working on when to reschedule them, but I will probably do that with the others."

Right now, there's only one thing holding Mike slightly back in getting all the offers from those schools he is looking at now. Once he takes his ACT though, Mike is confident that will be a worry for the past. "My coach says I have to get an 18 on my ACT and I will be qualified." Mike said.

Ok, so that's another goal. But right now, it's Hardy Watula, the school they will be facing in the next round of the playoffs.

What would you be thinking about right now? Recruiting or playoffs?

Thought so.

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