Two-way California standout eying visit to NU

Two-way standout Taylor Martinez has the measurable and the speed to make you ponder the possibilities and on either side of the ball. Taylor is a hard-hitting safety on defense and an improving QB on offense. As for recruiting, teams like Nebraska are looking at him for either.

It says something that a kid who never picked up a ball at the quarterback position until last year would even get a look from schools right now to play just that position. It says even more that the quarterback would ultimately play the position on a bad ankle and in an offense which passed less than 10  times a game.

That's what Taylor Martinez experienced at his old school, but at his new school (Centennial HS – Corona, CA) he's going to get a real chance to show what he can do.

"We didn't run much last year at my old school, but I know we are running the spread here, so I will get to see what I can do," the 6-1, 185 pound Martinez said.

The position of quarterback isn't proven to any real degree, but on the other side of the ball you can't say the same. While Martinez couldn't recall what his on-the-field numbers were at safety, his measurable alone will make you take a second and possibly third look.

6-1, 185 pounds, a reported 4.47/40 and an eye-popping vertical leap of 38 inches.

Consider it funny then that a young man so athletically gifted would consider some other aspects of his game perhaps his strongest. "I'm a sure tackler in the open field and I can cover the pass as well as I can cover the run," he said. "I think I have good range and I can make quick decisions."

One decision which will be somewhat quick as well will be where Taylor decides he wants to attend school. After talking it over with his family Martinez said that he'll more than likely make a decision before his final prep-season even begins.

Right now Martinez has a host of schools interested, including Tennessee, Michigan, Nebraska, BYU, Utah, Hawaii, Iowa State, Vanderbilt, San Diego State and Colorado State. Of that group Utah and Hawaii are recruiting him solely for QB.

There's one offer amongst that group right now, that coming out of Lincoln, Nebraska, a place Martinez knows a bit about, but hasn't seen. "I know they have a great tradition there, but that's about all right now. I haven't talked that much to the coaches," he said. "But if we can, we plan on getting out there to see it in August, and maybe a couple of other places as well."

While some recruits are pretty shy about naming any sure favorites, Martinez didn't hesitate in picking out his big three. "I am really interested in Nebraska, of course, but I'm looking at Michigan and Tennessee, too," he said. "We'll have to see what happens with Michigan and Tennessee. I know Tennessee has been showing me a lot of interest and Michigan seems to be interested, too."

There is another school which finds itself amongst his favorites, that being the Iowa State Cyclones. The alma mater of his father, ISU obviously has a certain appeal to the young California kid. "Well, my dad likes them and I know I grew up watching them, Nebraska and UCLA," Taylor said.

With passing league just getting started for his team, Martinez expects that the next month or so will find him once again engrossed in football. And once that's done he'll get a chance to think about it some more, most pointed toward his final season as a prep-player, but with a keen eye also pointed toward the next level. That's a lot of football, and during a time where he's actually supposed to get some sort of break from it. According to Martinez, the lack of a break is just fine. "I could play football all the time. That would be just fine with me," he said. "I'll play whatever position and I don't care where. I just want to play."

Martinez reports a 3.0 GPA and said that he would like to major in some aspect of computer education in college.

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