Donnell Livingston talks recruiting

Feet, hands, speed, size. Livingston has it. And, enough of it that he has some of the biggest traditional powers in the country not only looking, but offering him to play for their school. With all that in mind, things looked set in stone as to where he was visiting and when. Well, some things or at least, one thing has changed.

Donnell Livingston - DT - 6-2, 293, 5.1 - Sarasota, FL. - The recruiting process can be almost surreal for some recruits. Going from someone that didn't think they would get any attention to someone getting it from everyone, it's not life changing, but it certainly makes you think. It's made Livingston think. "I've never been recruited before, so it's all really new to me." Donnell said. What's new? The attention, the mail and some of the offers that come out of the blue. Not an offer from a school mind you, but from down under. "I just got a letter from Australia, inviting me to play in an All-Star game down there." Livingston stated. That kind of thing doesn't shock him as much as it makes him wonder. "I just wonder who thinks this stuff up." One thing about the added attention though is that Donnell knows it comes with added scrutiny. "My coach tried to prepare me for it, but I didn't really believe him." Donnell said. "He said all these coaches would be down there watching me and I didn't believe him, but it got to that time and I was like, "Oh my God"." It's safe to say though that Donnell's reality is something most recruits in the country would envy. With the added eyes, come the added pressure, but Donnell actually likes that aspect of this part of the "game". "I'm the type of person that does better when there is pressure." Donnell said. "I think it has made me better." It wasn't like Livingston wasn't good enough to begin with, but because of his continued improvement this year, schools like Maryland, Ole Miss, North Carolina, Florida State and Nebraska have all jumped on board the Donnell bandwagon. And, aside from those that have actually committed, Donnell is ahead of the game, having visits scheduled to all five. Donnell stated that there is a change though with one of his visits. "I changed the date of my Nebraska visit. I moved them up to Thanksgiving weekend." And why? "Well, because we aren't going to make the playoffs this year and I had some extra free time." Livingston stated. "Plus, I have a lot of interest in them, so I want to go take a look." "They have the kind of system I like where they just let the defensive linemen loose and let them make plays." Well, that certainly fits Donnell's strengths, but it's just one of the reasons why some of the big boys are looking at him so hard. With no playoffs in the future though, now it's up to him to go start looking at them rather than the other way around.

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