Change is good

The light at the end of the tunnel has rarely looked so dim. The positives have seldom been outnumbered by the negatives so much. With all the bad that seems to be going on when it comes to Nebraska football success, what could possibly be all that good? Well, believe it or not, there is something, or perhaps some things. If they happen, well, that is the question.

It's not like coach Craigh Bohl wasn't on the hot seat before the KSU game started. With quotes like "we weren't expecting that" or quotes from his players saying over and over, game after game, "we weren't prepared for that", his job being in jeopardy is about as climactic as pop fizzing after you shake it up.

He's not the only one that might be finding another zip code rather than another position as this season has put every coach (including Solich) on the hot seat.

After a season like this though, especially at a place like Nebraska, this is not a headline. Heads have to roll. The only question is how many and who.

I won't speculate as to the parties that might find themselves on the outside looking in, possibly as soon as after the Colorado game, but let's talk about what change can do for this University rather than talk about how it all went so bad.

One of the primary worries about coaching changes, regardless of the position is players acclimating to them, that coach acclimating the players and their system or their way of doing things segueing in with silky smoothness before the next season starts.

Forget fan influence. Fans, especially Nebraska fans aren't happy unless it's wins across the board, trophies on the mantle and the national media gushing over just how good the Huskers are.

Reality time.

There is another worry though and something that bodes significant for the Huskers' future.

How do coaching changes effect recruiting?

When coach Solich came in, there wasn't much of an effect for one major reason. He was already there. When you take a grape off of your own tree, chances are you know how it's going to taste. Plus, Solich was as he is today, actively recruiting, involved with many potential players.

I might not be Nostradamus, but I'll go out on a limb saying that whatever coaching replacements are made, they won't be coming from within the walls of Memorial.

That's when the effect can be at it's worse. Players unfamiliar with a coach coming in, perhaps to the very position they play, they are probably going to be a little put off.

Or maybe not.

You see, things have not gone well on either side of the ball for Nebraska. So much so, that a recruit could now be looking at NU and when they were once wondering if they would ever see the field if they went to the nationally prominent Huskers, now, they are seeing where their talents might just actually get out to play and before they are a senior.

Also, a recruit may look at the deficiencies of NU and say that it was because of a coach why they never considered Nebraska a legit candidate for their services and the removal of said coach would probably not get them going to NU, but might get their attention enough to take a look at whoever is coming in.

You say those are best case scenarios? You bet, but there is a good reason for that.

This is Nebraska.

After years and even decades of whipping people at least nine games a season, winning five national titles and breaking streaks like people cross the street, fans, players, alumni and those oh-so-valuable boosters have become very accustomed to success. They want it back and they want it back yesterday.

NU will bring in someone good.

The biggest fault for NU is it's loyalty. You might not consider that a fault, but they are one of the most consistent programs around for dipping back into their own well for a different glass of water. At times, that has helped, others, it's hurt, but honestly, this well has run dry.

The luxury is gone or has been for some time and NU will now look outwards for candidates to fill positions.

Yeah, I know, nobody is gone yet, but if you can't see the writing on the wall, I suggest that fancy eye surgery. I hear it clears that stuff right up.

The thing is, things are not as bad as they seem. No, they really aren't. Nebraska fans have held onto this fantasy that is eternal success for so long, they actually believed it was just that. It doesn't last forever folks, not every coach is Osborne, McBride, Samuel, Steele, etc.

NU had it good back then. Too good in fact. Next only to Penn State, nobody had the continuity that staff had and in it's latter glory days, it was all those above, Solich at RB, Bohl at LB and there was no Gillespie, Jamrog or Barnes.

You change things that much, things are going to change that much. And guess what? Not all of them are going to be good.

It's not a crime. This isn't a capital offense. For some it may be too soon. For others, it may be too late, but this staff is going through the pains of growing together with other coaches and all that players alike as any staff should.

Ok, I know. This is Nebraska though.

Yep, it is and that means, your time for growing, your opportunity to gel, well nowadays, it's pretty limited. That's life in big time football though and the reality is, some coaches that are here now, probably won't be here next season.

Who will they be? We'll see. How soon will the changes be made? If they take place, definitely after the Bowl game, but I wouldn't rule out after CU.

And what will happen next?

The same thing that happens at every school when changes like this happen. People adjust, they get used to it and they move on. And seeing as this is Nebraska, moving on and up is not just preferred, it's expected.

There is a saying about having your cake and eating it to. That's said to be impossible or at the very least, selfish. Nebraska fans have had that. This year was a chance to live in the other fan's shoes for awhile. It won't last though, because again, this is Nebraska and after such a year of the same thing being the wrong thing, change is in most definitely in the air.

It's not that bad though. No, it really isn't.

Change can be a good thing. Even at Nebraska.

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