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Cody Green has always talked about having a decision publicly announced by the 4th of July. Friday is the 4th and the word is out that Green has come to a decision since Sunday, but doesn't want to announce it yet. One team of either Texas A&M or Nebraska will get a quarterback that can elevate the play of his team to another level. What other benefits are there if Green chooses Nebraska?

Some might start their analysis and say that Cody Green is a five-star rated quarterback and the #3 rated quarterback overall by I wouldn't. I think that Green has the tools to be rated that highly, but what I like about Green goes much, much deeper.

The fact that Cody Green had to miss most of last season with an ankle injury is a tragedy. Simply put, you have to enjoy watching players like him play so well at a high level.

As a sophomore, Green had 95 rushes for 689 yards, averaging 7.3 yards per carry and four scores as well as 107 completions out of 171 attempts, 61.4% completion percentage, for 1,429 yards, 19 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

Those numbers, plus Green's upside and potential, were enough to bring in double-digit offers from teams such as Nebraska, Texas A&M, Miami, Boston College, Mississippi State, LSU, Texas Tech, Houston, Stanford, Kansas State, Purdue and Baylor.

You look at a player like Green and you try to project and compare. The comparison that was widely made about Green after the Nebraska Quarterback Academy was to Josh Freeman. The name Josh Freeman brings a bitter taste to Nebraska fans' mouths immediately.

While Josh did back out of a commitment to Nebraska years ago, his talent is undeniable. Again, you project him from the collegiate level to the professional and people start talking about JaMarcus Russell the #1 pick in the 2007 NFL draft of the Oakland Raiders.

Those are both great players to be compared to, but Green has a leg up on them in a lot of areas. First, both Russell and Freeman do have a height advantage on Green. That is both good and bad, because what Green lacks in height to those two he gains in athleticism.

There is little doubt what benefit athleticism brings when it comes to the quarterback position. If you have a quarterback that knows the offense, is an accurate thrower and has the ability to run is the ultimate weapon. Look at the offensive success that Missouri has had with players like Chase Daniel and Brad Smith.

Nebraska is not unfamiliar to quarterbacks with great athleticism. In fact, Nebraska has had some of the best that college football has ever seen in players like Tommie Frazier, Scott Frost and Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch. Those players all thrived at Nebraska, but in another offense.

What Nebraska has going into next season is the #9 rated offense from the year before. Yes, some players are gone and players always do graduate, but Nebraska saw record numbers in offense in the latter part of the season and some of that under the direction of Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson calling the plays.

Does the skills and potential of Green meet the needs of Nebraska and Shawn Watson? Absolutely. Nebraska is in a position now where the game needs to have another element. You do that by recruiting different types of players.

Simply put, people may say that Green's athleticism is comparable to one quarterback or another on Nebraska's roster. And others will say that Green's arm strength is comparable to one quarterback or another on Nebraska's roster.

The bottom line is that Nebraska doesn't have one that has the athleticism, arm strength potential and size that Green has. Additionally, Green can come in and develop into a professional quarterback under the direction of Shawn Watson running an offense that is NFL comparable.

While I might have outlined the obvious on the field benefits that Nebraska could receive if a player calls the Nebraska coaches to commit, there is another benefit. Green has said that once he commits that he will start recruiting for the team that he chooses. That is huge.

Now, Nebraska lived by this sword last year with Blaine Gabbert and they somewhat died by this sword when Gabbert and the others that he helped convince to commit to Nebraska decommitted after Bill Callahan was let go.

Where Nebraska was then is not where Nebraska is now. Nebraska needs a stimulus to get recruiting going and a player like Cody Green could spark other commitments to go with him.

Off of the top of my head, there are a number of players that are looking at making trips to Nebraska this summer including Kenny Bell, Abrecus Martinez, Brady Brown Yahshua Williams and Joel Gray. There are also a whole mess of recruits that are potentially looking to commit soon that it could impact as well.

Players like Sam Longo, David Oku, Rex Burkhead, Brent Qvale, Cordarius Golston and Nick Ash have all talked about a commitment in the summer. That is to say that the effect of a Green commitment to Nebraska could also have positive effects on players from the state of Texas.

There are the previously mentioned players of Brown, Williams, Gray, Burkhead and Golston, but Nebraska could then parlay this into getting into a better position with players from Texas like Randall Dent, Demontrae Hurst, Christine Michael, Jaz Reynolds and others.

Look, the benefits of Nebraska getting a quarterback for Nebraska are far greater than what can be summed up in some short, recruiting article. It's what might be with a player like Green and what comes with it that has Nebraska fans constantly refreshing their computer screens and checking their email to see where Green is going to go.

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