Nebraska still on the list of Texas RB?

Toben Opurum ranks as one of the top fullbacks in the country. The problem is, he plans on playing running back in college. That's not a problem for him as he has a host of offers as a RB, including one from the big red. Where does Nebraska stand with him right now and with the commitment to Nebraska by fellow running back Dontrayevous Robinson, have the Huskers slipped from his list of favorites?

Calling Toben Opurum a big back belabors the obvious. He's big. He's a running back, so the stereotype fits.

What doesn't fit, however, is the perception, largely driven by rankings and which position he's listed at, is that he'll eventually be playing a couple steps in front of the running back rather than being the feature back of the team.

LSU is one of those schools recruiting him as a fullback. They are one of the teams to do so which still finds itself on Opurum's list of favorites which, along with the Tigers include UCONN, Kansas, Nebraska and Purdue, amongst others.

The reason? Jacob Hester

"They tell me that I remind them a lot of him and that is how I would be utilized in their offense," Toben said of the message LSU coaches are giving him regarding comparisons to former LSU ironman and fellow big-back, Jacob Hester, who was actually the leading rusher for the Tigers in 2007. "His style and mine are pretty similar in that we are usually looking for someone to run over."

Nebraska has a big back of their own in Texas native Quintin Castille, He's truly a big-back, weighing right around 250 pounds. But Toben doesn't worry about competition which is currently on the team, and he's not even concerned with competition within his own class. But Nebraska's most recent commit does give him a little to think about.

"I know what kind of back Dontrayevous is, and he and I have very similar styles," Opurum said of the Trinity High School (Euless, TX) running back. "It doesn't rule Nebraska out completely, but there are other schools which I am making more of an effort to talk to as much as I can."

Those schools are Purdue, Kansas, UCONN and LSU, all places he calls on a fairly regular basis trying to get to know the staffs of each to the point where he's comfortable with the situation. And Opurum said that the Huskers continue to recruit him even after getting Robinson added to their list of commits.

With his own decision about where he wants to go probably not taking place before September, according to Opurum, there's still a lot of time left to change his list and change it a few more times. When it comes to offense, though, whether it's the spread of Kansas or the more prototypical style of the Huskers, Toben is confident his style will fit in wherever he goes.

"I have played in the spread in high school, so I am used to how teams like that would use backs. And I think being physical whether it's blocking or running is something I do well," he said. "So, the offense really isn't that big of a deal. It's not as big as how I get along with the coaches, potential teammates and the school itself.

"But I have some time to think about it."

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