No drama in Texas for this QB....yet

There's a quarterback drama going on. You might have heard about it....maybe. But that doesn't mean there aren't other quarterbacks around. Ryan Mossakowski happens to be one of them, a pretty darn good one, actually, and there's no drama with him. Well, not right now.

They call it an off-season, but for prep-athletes like Ryan Mossakowski, they might grin a little when you say that. Mossakowski wouldn't have one even if we were just talking about football, as he has made numerous unofficial visits, attended camps and he still has some to go. But then there is baseball which obviously doesn't care about his obligations to the gridiron. Oh, and then there is what he was doing yesterday. "I'm helping my brother move," Ryan said with a chuckle. "I guess I will have to do this again for myself at some point, so it's good practice." Hardly the lazy days of Summer, which won't get any lazier as he follows up this move of a sibling with a couple moves of his own as he trips down to Auburn for a camp followed by another at the University of Kentucky. It's the swan-song if you will, over an off-season which has kept Mossakowski feeling that he hasn't stopped moving since school finished up for the academic year.

"I know we have visited a lot of places. I think the only places we haven't visited of schools who have offered me are Colorado, Oregon and Tennessee," he said. "And the only reason I am not visiting Tennessee was that they said they were only taking one quarterback and they got a commit by one, so that basically means they are off the list."

Not off the list is pretty much every other team which has offered Ryan, the Frisco, TX (Centennial HS) prep star not quite ready to trim that list down just yet.

That includes Texas A&M and Nebraska.

You see, there's a bit of a drama going on in Aggieville and Huskerland, fans of each team waiting with bated breath, hoping that fellow Texas prep QB Cody Green, the third ranked QB in the country, chooses their team as his college of the future.

Getting Green for any team would be considered a heck of an achievement, two first-year head coaches trying to make big strides in recruiting right out of the gate. The Aggies have a Secretariat-like jump on the Huskers, boasting close to 20 commits while the big red is sitting on less than 10.

For Mossakowski, whether it's five or 50, nothing but five-stars or everyone has one star, he's thinking of a lot of other things. "The class you go in with is important. I won't say that it isn't. You want to play with great players for your entire career," he said. "But traditions aren't built on one class and what some other guy at my position might be ranked doesn't matter either.

"If you aren't ready to compete, you need to find something else to do."

While the news surrounding Green's impending decision has the attention of seemingly every fan in Nebraska and everyone within 10 zip codes of College Station, Ryan doesn't even give it a second thought. It isn't what other quarterbacks that team pulls in. It's how many quarterbacks they plan to take. "That's one thing that I have tried to find out, because it's important to me that I know just how many quarterbacks a team plans to take," Ryan said. "Like Tennessee – they said they were going to take one, they got one and I moved on.

"So, if a school says they are going to take two quarterbacks, I don't care who the other quarterback is they get. Again, it's competition, and that will only make you better."

When it comes to communication with coaches during this time of year, it's basically up to the recruit to initiate most of the conversations. Due to NCAA rules, coaches aren't allowed to pick up the phone and call them. So, Ryan helps them out. "I call as many of these coaches as I can, and I want to get to know all of them the best I can so I can be as sure of what I am getting should I decide to go to that school," he said. "Every one of these schools is going to be able to give me a good education. Every one of these schools is going to have nice facilities, lots of fans and a nice field.

"Those are the things I know I am getting, but it's the relationships which will mean more to me in the end."

Following the last two visits, which will be finished by the beginning of next week, Ryan said that he will indeed have the ability to start narrowing things down. It's not over until it's over, as they say, but he knows that unless a team does get a QB – Any QB and he knows they are taking just that one for the year, that will never be a criteria which knocks these schools off the list. "Even if I am the only quarterback in this class for whatever team, they are going to go after more quarterbacks in the future. They have to. That's the way this stuff works," he said.

"I love the competition. I love to push myself and be pushed by others around me. That's the only way you get better."

We'll track down Ryan after his camps finish up and he's had a chance to work a little on narrowing his list. But his name is definitely one that you, whether you are the Aggie fan or the Husker fan, probably don't want to cross off just yet.

Only one team can get Green.

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