"Land of Lincoln" LB talks recruiting

Touted as one of the best players out of the "land of Lincoln", McKeon is experiencing his time in the limelight. Both on the field and off the field. Corey's size make him ideal for any defense, because he has the size and speed to play either linebacker or safety. That's the kind of versatility schools are looking for, which is why so many are looking right at him.

Corey McKeon - LB/S - 6-2, 210-4.5/40 - Naperville, IL (North) - Corey is what you call a "busy body". Well, at least out on the field. He's one of those guys that fits the oft-used cliche', "He's got a motor that never stops". Because of that and the mentality to go with it, you won't find Corey looking for anything out there on defense, other than someone to hit. "I don't like standing around out there." Corey said."I'm just looking to make a play."

With McKeon's versatility, you have to ask what position he is being recruited for, because most are recruiting him either as a safety or at the "will" linebacker position. There's a little difference in how those positions operate and for Corey, he has his preferences. "When you play linebacker, you are right up there in the play." Corey said. "But, I like playing safety, because I can come up and put a big hit on someone."

Corey is like most any good defensive player. He is all about the contact.

Thus far through the recruiting process, Corey has made one official, that being to Purdue and he will be visiting Miami (Ohio) on December 6th.

Corey hasn't really interested himself too much with narrowing his list down. Though there are a few select schools like Boston College, UCLA, Nebraska and Wisconsin that have drawn his attention the most, he's firm in saying that he's not too firm on anyone right now.

Corey will take a recruit's usual route and play out the visits before he makes a decision or until he feels that he has seen a place he truly wants to be.

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