Tackling Machine, Jeff Jansen

I've seen numbers and I've seen numbers. You know what I am talking about. You say numbers first to say that you have seen them, but the second time you say it, it means you have seen some that just blow your mind. Well, Jansen's numbers on the season will do just that. They will blow your mind. This Michigan standout doesn't have to talk about his stats, because I'm telling you, they do all the talking for him.

Jeff Jansen - LB/FB - 6-2, 220, 4.6/40 - Jackson, MI - Talk to me about tackles. Come on. How many did you have when you played high school ball? Did you have 50 in a season or maybe 150 for a career? Well, take a look at this young man's numbers. "I broke our career total tackle record and our season total tackle record." Jeff said. "For a career, I had 489 tackles and for a season, I had 162 tackles in 9 games."

That's around 17 tackles a game for his entire career. Now, talk to me about tackles.

When every single year, fans and coaches scream about getting not wrapping up, not concentrating on the basics, the pure fundamentals of the game, this kid has it down. In that aspect, he's as solid as they come.

Because of that, schools from around the country have been looking at him, more from afar. Stanford, Michigan State, Michigan and Nebraska are just some of the schools that have shown interest in Jansen up to this point.

Jeff just got done with an unofficial to Stanford and came away very impressed. "I loved it over there." Jeff said. "I put in my application to see if I can get accepted and we'll go from there."

Based on Jeff's 4.0 GPA, his acceptance might be a foregone conclusion, but don't think that Stanford is his only choice. "They are one of my top choices, but I like Michigan, Michigan State and Nebraska as well, right now." Jansen stated.

The reality of Jeff's situation might have been the competition he faced, because there's no denying his numbers. He's looking forward to the time when coaches have the time after their seasons to stop and take a better look.

There's no doubting those numbers though as they don't speak to you, they shout. Someone this fundamentally sound will find a very nice home somewhere, but he's taking his time to figure out where that will be.

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