The Joizey House of Pancakes, Dan Mazan

What's for breakfast? Well, pancakes of course and straight out of Joizey, Dan Mazan can tell you all about them. It's what he likes best about his position. Knock'em down, knock'em out and let everyone else worry about the damage. You have to have an attitude along with the skill and Mazan is a nice combination of both. It's no wonder he has enough offers on the table to wallpaper your house.

Dan Mazan - OT - 6-4, 280 - Cateret, NJ. - At any position of the game, each year at any level brings a player another opportunity to succeed. It's also another chance to get better. That's what your are supposed to do, especially when schools are looking for prime time players to fill their rosters' needs. Dan's done that, positive about what he's done this year from last. "I felt I was just more dominate this year." Dan said. "I felt I was more of a leader and more of one of those "go to" kind of guys this season."

Well, being one of those kind of guys has been enough to warrant a whopping 39 written offers for one of New Jersey's finest players. It's a lot and when it becomes that much, a player has the luxury of knowing that they don't have to look to find a place to go, he simply has to stay right where he is and they will come to him.

Dan will have to make some visits though.

Amongst those valuable officials, Dan has already set up three. Boston College (Dec. 6th), Penn State (Dec. 13th) and Nebraska (Jan. 17th). Aside from those, the two slots remaining could go to schools such as Ohio State, Florida State, Florida or Maryland.

Here's what Dan had to say about those three he had visits to thus far"

Boston College: "They have good academics and I like the coaches up there."

Penn State: "I love their conference, they have great prestige and I got a good chance at playing early there."

Nebraska: "I love Nebraska. I grew up watching them. That's an offensive lineman's school."

Definitely schools for players that are offensive linemen from within. Ironic though that this hulk of a kid actually used to play that side of the line when he was young, but a little further back. "It's kind of funny." Dan said. "We used to play pick-up games and I was always the running back. When I was in 8th grade, I was like 6-2 and 280 lbs and I was playing running back."

"It was fun for me." Yeah, I guess it would be, but how fun would it be if you were the eight grader that got to try and bring him down?

When high school approached though, as Dan likes to say, "Reality hit me then. Once I hit freshmen, I knew I was going to be an offensive lineman."

And look at him now. One of the most coveted linemen in the country.

Dan's keeping his options open as you might expect, but with his short list of visits already made and the equally short list of who is left to choose from, you get a pretty fair idea of who he is looking at as those candidates for where he wants to go.

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