This is just a brief run down some of the quicker hits in recruiting. Just some quotes or notes, or just some rambling about what's going on with some other players from around the country. We might even throw in a rumor or two.

JASON MORRIS - QB - 6-0 - 170 - 4.47/40 - Mill Creek, WA (Henry M Jackson)

It wasn't like Jason wasn't getting attention from schools. He was and still is. He's got great athleticism, an accurate if not overly strong arm and well, if you take a look at that forty time, you know he's got wheels. What he didn't have was the grades, but around 2 weeks ago, he got his SAT results back giving him the good news and now, he's ready to go. Jason isn't going out looking for the teams though. He's just going to let it happen and see where it goes from there.

Nebraska is just one of the many big boys that are recruiting him and based on his athleticism, you can see why.

WALTER WASHINGTON - QB - 6-2 - 240 - 4.57/40 - Dodge City Community College

There was a slight rumor around that Walter might have changed his mind about Nebraska. No, not because NU did anything wrong or that their recent losing woes are having an effect, but another school impressed him a little more. Not true said Washington. "Nope, Nebraska is still my leader."

Ok, enough of that. His teammates Donald Defrand and Reynaldo Hill make up a trio of players that at this time, look like odds on favorites to end up in Memorial.

MIKAL BREWER - OL - 6-4 - 275 - 5.2/40 - Peoria, AZ (Centennial)

You ever wonder why the last visit is usually the best or at the very least, the later the visit, the more a team has a chance with a recruit? Well, the reason is somewhat obvious in that each school on that young persons' official is going to roll out the red carpet, give him the full dog and pony show, hoping to impress him enough into a pledge of service.

When you are the first visit or even the second, you have a lot of competition that still gets to do their thing, leaving the memory of your school wavering and often times just fading away.

For Brewer that certainly seems to be the case as apparently, NU is already on the back burner, eventually sliding off the stove entirely. You can't blame the coaches on this nor can you blame the player.

First visits stink.


There seems to be a rumor floating around that is gaining intensity that Nebraska has a commit at that position. And right now, it's nobody we have talked to thus far or at least, if it is, they aren't talking.

I wouldn't put past Nebraska to take the KSU way of doing things, asking commits to not say they are commits until signing day, but based on previous experience, I would question that philosophy until I see it materialize.

There is a lot of conjecture though that NU has no less than three commits right now that nobody knows anything about.

So, it's up to us to try and track them down. Heck, we might have covered them already, but don't worry, we usually make it back in decent time.

That's it for now, but we'll bring you more news and views, notes and quotes as we accumulate them and don't be surprised if myself and some other contributors actually put an audio version of this together, where we will take a look at the week that was in recruiting, each weekend afterwards.

That's still in the shop though, so be patient. Just trying to work the bugs out.

That's it

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