Being selfish for once....Green chooses NU

The decision isn't an easy one. Oh, it's easy enough for fans when they think about a high school kid picking a college. It's not so easy for the young man though. The drama surrounding the Cody Green situation is over, but the process to get here was long. In the end, though, it was all good for Husker fans as Green is now a commit to the big red.

I'm not sure about you, but when I was 17 years old, thinking three minutes ahead was a bit of a chore. I couldn't fathom three years. And, of course, I wasn't being recruited to play athletics at a place over 10 hours driving time from my home and my family.

Even now I don't think I could put myself in those shoes and say just how I would feel given that scenario, especially since I got the same offer to play at a place which was just a jaunt away in comparison.

Dayton High School's (Dayton, TX) Cody Green had just that choice to make. It was either Texas A&M or Nebraska. For his mom (Chandra), the fact that he's finally made it is one big relief as is where he decided to go.

"I know it's like the weight of the world is off his shoulders, because it's been those two teams for about a month now," she said. "And I have to admit that I had a very narrowed view of Nebraska before I visited there, but I have obviously gotten to know a lot more about them since then."

What a mom cares about has a lot more to do with things outside of the locker room, off the football field and nowhere near where the team watches film of the up-coming opponent. It's about academics.

It's about life, and for her son, it was about doing something that she honestly feels he's never done before. "He had to make this decision for him. Not for me. Not for anyone around here. Not for anyone or anything outside of what was going to affect him," she said. "Cody is a people pleaser. That's just his nature, and when he makes decisions, it's about his team, his family or whatever, but it's never just about himself.

"I told him he had to do that. I told them that this was all about him. He needed to make the best decision for his future, and I think that's what he did."

For both Texas A&M and Nebraska, you have two-first year head coaches, Mike Sherman with the Aggies after being a head coach in the NFL, and Bo Pelini with the Huskers after being a defensive coordinator with defending national champs, LSU.

Both ran the "West Coast" offense. Both obviously had great facilities and with each program Green had developed close ties.

The clincher? What put Nebraska over the top?

She didn't speak for Cody on what he liked the most, but she said what she learned on her visit told her that her son was going to be in good hands. "Before we got there I was thinking that with all the great offers he has so much closer to home, why even consider a place this far away," she said. "Cody was just telling me how he wanted to keep his options open and how he didn't want to rule anyone of this decision.

"When we got there and I finally got to meet Coach Watson, right there I knew my son was going to be OK."

Even with her level of comfort with Nebraska and with Cody's list being trimmed down to two, this was a decision that she could feel Cody was struggling with the entire time. Part of her knew that it was because both places offered everything she could ever want. But it was that issue which led to this process taking longer than perhaps anyone figured it would.

Of course, if it hadn't been for something she said she's been teaching Cody since he was old enough to understand, this decision might have came a lot sooner than today.

"Since he was just a little boy I have taught him two things in life, and that is one; if you start something you finish it, and the other; if you say you are going to do something you do it," she said. "I don't care if you are happy or you are sad, if you are hot or if you are cold. I don't care if you have icebergs hanging off your eyebrows. You made a decision and you are sticking to it.

"That's why it took as long as it did. Cody knew he had to get to the point where he felt absolutely certain."

For Cody, yes, it was a very hard decision to make, but it wasn't the decision bothered him the most. It was the fact that in the end he was going to have to tell one of these programs "No."

"People around here will tell you that for the last three or four weeks I haven't been myself. It's just been so hard to come to this decision, but I knew I had to get it right," he said. "And to pick up that phone and tell someone you were going to the other place, it was just a matter of me saying to myself that you have to man-up and just do it."

Nebraska counts Green as the sixth commit of the class, but his status as a top 25 player in the country could possibly be a momentum builder for the Huskers as we head into the homestretch toward the season. Green, the third ranked quarterback in the country who will enroll in January, making him at least a potential player his first year with the Huskers.

Part of him loves the idea of taking the field as a true freshman, but Cody admits that after talking to Nebraska's current starting quarterback, other options might be better in mind. "The athlete in me wants to play the second I get there, but in my mind I know that it's a big change in competition, a big jump in speed and that offense is something else," he said. "I talked to Joe about it and what it was like, and I saw how big that thing was. He told me that it was half the size it used to be.

"So, I look at everything as possible, but if I need to sit and learn I'll do that. If I can play my first year I'll do that, too. I'll do whatever they need me to do."

The road to today's decision has been a long one, but for Husker fans and perhaps Cody himself the road from this point until January could be longer still. If you think programs in dire need of a great quarterback are going to stop recruiting Green just because he made a pledge to the Huskers, you can think again. Cody realizes this and is prepared for it and how he'll deal with each situation as it arises.

"The one thing you can't do is ignore people. If you ignore them, they will just keep on calling," he said. "So, I will talk to them and tell them that I made my decision and Nebraska is where I am going to go. I hope they all listen and respect my decision. But if not, I'll just keep telling them all the same thing."

Even now with the decision now over Green feels great about the weight being gone, but knows that the toughest part of his journey probably has yet to approach. It's the time where it's no longer a few months away from heading to Lincoln or even a few weeks, but the days leading up to when he'll officially make the move out of Texas. That's when he thinks it will really set in about a new life, a new future and doing stuff on his own.

"I'm still a kid in high school, and I still have months with my friends, doing stuff and just doing what I have been doing for awhile now," he said. "I think when it comes time to start moving out and moving up there it's going to set in just how much my life is going to change.

"It's something you have to deal with whether you are going to a place a couple of hours away or a couple thousand miles.

"It's going to be time to grow up."

His mom thinks he already has. "Nobody will know how tough this decision was for him and even as his mother, there are things that I can't feel for him and I can't make those kinds of decisions," she said. "But he did it. It was hard, and he had to do things which are just hard for him to do.

"He had to tell someone 'no', he had to let someone down and anyone will tell you that, that is simply nothing like they know Cody to be. Those are the kinds of decisions you have to make in life though. You can't make everyone happy. Sometimes you have to do things for yourself.

"He did that and I think he is going to be much better for it in the end."

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