California TE to see Nebraska

The number of missed prospects for Nebraska at the tight end position over the past three years or so is a bit staggering. The West Coast Offense can feature a big-play tight end and more often than not uses multiple tight end sets. The Huskers landed Ben Cotton last year and need another, big body tight end, which can come in and diversify their offense.

The Huskers have their eyes on J.T. Kerr, a 6-foot-5 and 240-pound tight end from San Diego (Calif.) Scripps Ranch, and a visit might be coming up for him. In the meantime, he is getting his workouts in with some friends.

"I just got down working out with Troy Polamalu and Tyson Chandler," Kerr said. "I have been working out with them a lot lately in the last couple of weeks.

"It's amazing. It's a really cool experience. They want me to keep working at a high intensity. Beyond working out they just tell me to stay humble and focus on what's important. They are two, really great guys. I like them a lot."

The visit to Nebraska is pending, but Kerr and his family are eyeing one of the final weeks of July to make the trip to Lincoln. There is some coordinating that needs to be done otherwise it will have to wait for an official visit.

"I am planning on taking a trip out to Nebraska in a couple of weeks. My dad and I don't have that date set in stone yet, but we are kind of coordinating that with Coach Ron Brown.

"That date isn't set; it's going to be at the end of July. If not, we are going to come out for a game. Beyond that, all of my camps are done and I am just getting ready for the season."

When Kerr gets on campus at Nebraska there are going to be some things that he will be interested in seeing. Other than just on campus, Kerr wants to see how things operate in Lincoln and in Nebraska.

"I really want to take a look at the campus. I have heard great things, but obviously I have never been out there. I would like to see it for myself. They have great prestige. I know that they are coming back.

"I would like to see the weight room, the facilities and just get a feel for it. I just know about their fan base and how football is the biggest thing in Nebraska. Everyone just loves Nebraska football."

The big-bodied Kerr has three offers, but is getting interest from just about everyone in the PAC10. Besides the teams in the PAC10 there are some other teams from outside the region that are also showing interest.

"I have three offers. I have offers from San Diego State, Arizona and Nebraska. I am getting a lot of attention from UCLA, Arizona State, Wake Forest, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, Maryland and Texas A&M."

Kerr doesn't have the stats that truly reflect his abilities as a tight end. He was a bit out of place to get stats last year, but this year with Tate Forcier throwing him the ball the sky is the limit.

"Last year I had 12 catches for 148 yards and a touchdown. We played in a Wing-T offense. I didn't get a lot of chances at Fallbrook. Because of that offense, my coach quitting and the quarterback transferring were all factors for me to transfer."

While Tate Forcier is throwing the ball to Kerr this year there is a need to look forward in regards to a quarterback that could potentially be in his class. Cody Green recently committed to Nebraska and Kerr heard all about it.

"I heard about that. Cody Green? I don't much about Green, myself. Obviously, he had the five-stars going for him. My dad called me as soon as he found out.

"He told me that Green was the #3 guy on It's definitely something that caught my eye. I would really like to talk to him some time, possibly."

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