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There is a wave that is generated by a large commitment that can lead to more commitments. For Husker fans, they are wondering what commitments could commit next? Big Red Report spent some time following the Cody Green commitment to figure out what some recruits are thinking about the Nebraska Cornhuskers now and this recruiting class.

The Nebraska recruiting class had hit a bit of a wall. Under Bill Callahan, the class was usually about a third to half full going into fall camp. Nebraska is looking to take anywhere between 23-26 players and just got commitment #6.

Commitment #6 was a pretty big one, though. Cody Green, a 6-foot-4 and 220-pound quarterback from Dayton (Texas), is a five star player and is rated the #3 quarterback currently by

Nebraska might be looking for the commitment of Green to start some momentum to round out the rest of the summer. Big Red Report made some calls to some players that Nebraska is recruiting to get their reaction to the Green commitment to Nebraska.

Nick Ash: "It's good to know that you will have a good, solid quarterback in the backfield that you can develop with and bond with your entire college career.

"You aren't just coming into a situation with an older quarterback who doesn't really know you. It doesn't allow you to bond very well. It's good to know if you go to a college out of state that there is someone there from the same state.

"It allows you have more friends. You can meet people easier if you are just form the state of Texas. You know about the level of competition that they played at when it comes to their high school."

Cordarius Golston: "Well, I guess in the aspect that you need a great offense to win, and you need great players at that position to win. It would help me and anyone that want to make an addition to that time even though I play defense.

"Having a five-star quarterback will help you think more about going there. Right now, for Nebraska, winning is big to the tradition to Nebraska. With a five-star quarterback and getting a big time receiver then it seems like they are getting back to having a powerful team like Nebraska is known for."

Knile Davis: "I still like Nebraska a lot. They are still very high on my list. I have spoken to Cody Green a couple of times. He's a big guy.

"Honestly, I will still weigh my options and take an honest look at Nebraska. I am about to get serious about my recruitment and narrow things down. Nebraska is close to the top of my list. I would have to say top three."

Josh Gordon: "Yeah, it makes the situation when you think about going there a lot better. It makes things less stressful and less things to worry about because you will have guys like that to throw you the ball.

"I don't know a lot about him. I know that he's a five-star guy at the quarterback position so I know that he's pretty good. I play 5A and I know that he is playing 4A."

Skyler Scott: "They got Cody Green? He's a five-star quarterback! That gives you an impression about them as a team. That type of commitment can really change a state of mind.

"You have to think about how a player like that is good for a team, a class and the other players. Given I play wide receiver, that would be very good for me.

"A commitment like that changes my attitude and feelings for a team, especially when it's a quarterback. I am going to go and do some research on Cody right now."

Joel Gray:"Yes sir, I know Cody Green. I have met him four or five times through recruiting. It's cool to see guys like that who I have kind of become friends with through recruiting go to a school that you are considering.

"Really though, at the end of the day, it really comes down to what is best for you in your decision. A commitment like Green could make a difference when it comes to considering a few schools and comparing them."

Joshua Brown:"When something like that happens, even though I play defense, offense is still going to help us score to win as a team. The offense is still going to have to put up points.

"When Nebraska is getting good players like those, then you have Cordarius is a good player and I am a good player, then a team like that is bound for something good."

Jesse Coffey:"That's really good. You have to look at the recruiting class a little bit to get some direction, but I know that the Nebraska program is going in the right direction.

"I am getting pretty close to making a decision anyway. I am looking to make a commitment in the next week or two when the coaches come back from vacation."

Brady Brown:"You have to really take it into consideration when a five-star quarterback goes out and picks a school. He's a great quarterback and he will find ways to get you the ball.

"I have checked him out on, but not met him. I thought he looked like a great player, great quarterback and throws the ball really excellent."

J.T. Kerr: "I heard about that. Cody Green? I don't much about Green, myself. Obviously, he had the five-stars going for him. My dad called me as soon as he found out.

"He told me that Green was the #3 guy on It's definitely something that caught my eye. I would really like to talk to him some time, possibly."

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