Golston still high on Nebraska

It took a little bravery and a little luck to make it up to summer camp at Nebraska for Cordarius Golston and his teammates, but they made it. Driving in, they were dodging weather the whole way and came into Lincoln under a tornado warning. The visit and the camp opened his eyes to what might be and is still very high on Nebraska.

There are always some sentimental things in life. Cordarius Golston likens his first offer to another first. The 6-foot-1 and 195-pound Golston from Lancaster (Texas) is still high on Nebraska.

"Oh yes sir," Golston said. "They were the first team to offer me. It's kind of like that first kiss. You never forget about that first kiss."

Besides offering first, Golston recognized that college for an athlete should be about the sport and the academics first. At Nebraska, Golston can get that and that has him and his family swelled up with pride.

"I really like Nebraska. I liked the trip to Nebraska for their camp. There's just not much to do in Nebraska besides play football, but hey, I like that.

"It's about football and it's about getting your college education. My family has been talking about me going to Nebraska. In fact, they have told people that I am going there."

The fact that Golston's family seems to side with a Nebraska commitment, it means a lot to him to know that he could just go to Nebraska. He knows what it takes to be a Husker.

"It makes me feel pretty good to get that endorsement from my family considering the tradition that Nebraska has. To play at Nebraska you have to be a very good athlete and be very good at what you do.

"That is especially true if you play defense and want to be a Blackshirt. They have a great history at Nebraska when it comes to football and their defense."

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