Commitment coming?

There is a lot of anticipation for Nebraska fans in regards to recruiting. The Husker fans are waiting for someone to follow Cody Green of Dayton (Texas) onto the Nebraska commitment list. If there is a person that could jump onto that list at anytime it might be this player from down in Texas who happened to pick up the Nebraska offer fairly recently.

There weren't a lot of offers to come out of the summer camps in Lincoln this summer, but one was to Joshua Brown of Lancaster (Texas). Brown, a 6-foot-0 and 188-pound cornerback has been taking some time off between working out.

"Yeah, I am down in Florida," Brown said. "I am taking some time off and seeing my people. We were doing seven on seven and we won our district.

"Besides seven on seven, we have been working out in the morning and trying to get better. Just stuff like that."

The Husker offer ended up in Brown's hands following an impressive showing up in Lincoln this summer. That offer, plus the experience in Lincoln, has Brown thinking about joining the Nebraska family.

"I got a Nebraska offer following the camp. I like them a lot. I am really thinking about maybe committing to Nebraska.

"Nebraska likes me as a cornerback. I do play receiver and I can play both, it doesn't matter, it just matters when I can get on the field."

Brown got a chance to take a look around in Lincoln while he was in town and use the camp as a way to get an unofficial visit in. Brown especially likes the attention of the people of the state of Nebraska on the football team.

"I liked all of the facilities. Everything there was Grade A. It was just top-notch. I liked the weight room and Nebraska, period. It was just different there.

"There was something about playing ball there knowing that everyone will be looking at you. It's the only football team in the state. That is what I like."

Brown is actually the third player at Lancaster to have a Nebraska offer, but one of two that camped in Lincoln. The other, Cordarius Golston, has spoke with Brown about going to Lincoln together. On top of that, the two happen to be friends with Skyler Scott.

"I know that Cordarius and I have talked about going to Nebraska together. I haven't really talked about it with Skyler all that much. He really doesn't know where he will go.

"More than likely though, I think that me and Cordarius are going to go to Nebraska and then Skyler is going to come along with us too."

As a cornerback, Brown is bigger than most. He uses his size to his advantage in coverage and tackling. Brown likes the physical side to the game.

"I think that I am really physical. I like doing bump and run. I like coming up and making the hit. Really anything that has to do with tackling, I like."

Along with the Nebraska offer, Brown is holding onto four other offers at this point. He says that he is going to look at making a commitment after he takes some trips this fall.

"I am up to four or five offers. I have offers from Nebraska, Utah, Louisiana Tech, Wake Forest and Oklahoma. I want to commit after I take some visits.

"I don't know when I am going to visit Nebraska, officially. I know that I was going to go to Wake Forest when they play Ole Miss. I haven't spoken to Coach Tim Beck yet."

Brown knows about the Cody Green commitment to Nebraska. The commitment to Nebraska by Green is significant to Brown even though he does play on the other side of the football.

"When something like that happens, even though I play defense, offense is still going to help us score to win as a team. The offense is still going to have to put up points.

"When Nebraska is getting good players like those, then you have Cordarius is a good player and I am a good player, then a team like that is bound for something good."

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