Ash sees Nebraska, again

There is something about it when a visitor takes the time to visit the same place twice. Of course there are always the chances that the recruit didn't get to see everything, but that also has to mean that he was intrigued enough to want to get back to see it. Nick Ash was in Lincoln today for his second unofficial to see Nebraska. What did he see this time?

It's a good sign for Nebraska that they got a chance to host Nick Ash again. Ash, a 6-foot-5 and 265-pound offensive lineman from Keller, visited Nebraska again to see a couple of the things he didn't on his previous visit.

"I was there again today," Ash said. "I was there for the spring game and I didn't get a real good chance to see the academic or have a chance to meet the strength coach.

"I really wanted to meet the strength coach because when you go to school it's really your position coach and your strength coach that you talk to the most."

Ash had a positive experience talking with James Dobson the new strength coach at Nebraska. Ash and Dobson had a good chance to sit down and talk.

"I really liked Coach Dobson a lot. I like his philosophy about football training and what he had the guys doing. I really liked his thoughts."

The next thing for Ash was to get a chance to really look at the academics. He got that and came away impressed with the academic support that the athletes at Nebraska receive.

"I thought that the support for the players was really nice. The advisors are just there for you. They are there to help you and even get you counselors if you need it. You get the best education that you can."

The icing on the cake for the visit might have been the chance to sit down with one of Nebraska's best lineman in recent history, Matt Slauson. Ash and Slauson had a good chat.

"After all of that we got a chance to sit down with Matt Slauson. He's a great guy. We had a chance to talk about the changes there at Nebraska under Bo and playing for the new staff in comparison to the old staff."

What makes Ash such a valuable recruit as an offensive lineman is his versatility. While he does have ideal size and good athleticism, Ash plays all of the line positions at Keller if he has to.

"I had a chance to talk to Nebraska about where they saw me playing along the line. They are going to let you say where you would like to play, you have that input.

"But, Barney Cotton said that there could be a chance after choosing that they sat down with me and talked about moving because of my strengths and what's best for the team. They like me either as a guard or a tackle."

Ash went on to say that he has a definite top five right now and that list is Nebraska, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Arizona and Texas Tech. When asked if Nebraska was standing out to him of that group he said, "Yes."

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