Ultra Thick Tires & a Helmet

Colorado is coming to Lincoln. Them and their pathetic rings. You know something? I don't know what's worse. An entire University so insecure with who they are that they would actually put the score of a game that wasn't for a national title on some rings or the fans who actually try to say that it's some declaration of their dominance. Well, Colorado State would probably disagree, but hey, these are the Buffaloes.

Ok, this has been a bitter back and forth for some time now. No, not so much in the record. Colorado would have to undefeated against NU for over the next quarter of a century to even sniff at getting back to .500 against NU.

It's about those fans. The tire-slashing, snowball with a rock in it throwing, beat up an 80 year old, belligerent CU football fan. They've been called at times, the worst fans in all of college football.

Penn State fans would certainly give them a run nowadays, but CU just has this warm spot in my heart.

They are still the worst.

Only Buffalo fans could actually rationalize the score etched into the rings of Buffalo players following the NU/CU game last year. Wow, a ring like that with the score in there, the game must have been for the national title.


It was a tribute to CU's one-game season as they dismiss the rest as tune-ups for the opportunity at the Huskers once again.

You think they deserve more credit than that? One look at that ring and you will see, that's as much credit as they deserve at all.

You see, Nebraska has always been THE game for the Buffs' since McCartney was there. Nebraska was the red letter game and coaches may have changed, but guess what, Nebraska is still the team to beat in their eyes.

They can't help it. It's just like Bill Snyder last weekend who played politically correct, but everyone knew how bad he wanted to beat Nebraska. Besides OU, everyone in the Big XII that was part of the Big 8 has been itching for NU to fall down just ever so slightly so they can get at least a couple shots back.

It's their thank you for all the years of butt-whippings the Huskers have given them.

I remember watching an NFL Films presentation on ESPN. It was about the legendary Dick Butkus. People marveled at what he did, cringed when they had to play against him and lauded his career as being unprecedented and perhaps never to be equaled again.

But, players that actually faced Butkus talked about the time when Dick's knees started to go. He wasn't as fast, couldn't get up nearly as quick and finally, the king was weakened. You think anyone had sympathy for him? Not a chance. Player after player along offensive lines admitted freely and happily that once Butkus hit the downside of his career, there were plenty that were waiting to kick him while he was down.

That's what you get for being dominant.

Over the last year, Nebraska has been accumulating a few games of "payback". Payback for particular games where the Huskers didn't show well or were just flat out beaten.

Well, for most other teams, they aren't looking to pay Nebraska back for a particular game, but a particular era where NU beat them, whipped them, ran over them and tossed them aside as it was either them or Oklahoma that was going to own the conference that year.

That's the way it was and there wasn't anything Colorado, Kansas State, Missouri, Iowa State or anyone else other than the Sooners that could do to say otherwise.

Take a look at this stat if you don't believe what I am saying: The Big 8's existence ran from 1960 to 1995. That's 35 years. Out of those 35 years, Nebraska has won or shared over half of conference titles. Oklahoma has won or shared 15. Add the conference titles up won or shared of all the other participants, you get just over half of what Oklahoma won or shared, overall.

If I were them, I would be pissed to.

All those years, all those games. One frustration after another. They deserve all the success they have as they are doing their best to pay NU back for decades of frustration, right?

You bet they do, but oh those Colorado fans sure love to put their mark on how they want to celebrate.

After victories over NU, I've seen fans of some teams tear down their goal posts numerous times, heard their coaches and fans say that, that particular victory was a benchmark win for their program's entire history and I even saw a parade or two, commemorating the win.

But, nothing beats actually spending the money and taking the time to etch the score of game not for a national title into your rings, because it meant just that much.

It's flattering to NU. It really is. Well, in a pathetic sort of way. Buff Fans will try to dismiss that win as one they expected, one that was in the bag and that Nebraska wasn't that good.

But what of those people a long ways down the road, glancing at that ring and asking, "Wow, that team you beat must have been really good for you to put that there." What are you going to say? "No, they sucked, we just wanted to rub it in."

Yep, that's clever.

When the Colorado fans come to town, they will be sparse in their number within the stadium, but no doubt there will be droves invading Lincoln one night if not two nights before.

If they were fans of most any other school, you could expect a little friendly jabbing back and forth about who is going to beat who. You might even get some bets laid across the table about point spreads based on the year prior. But, with Colorado fans, you never know what to expect.

You do remember the tear gas riot at "Mile High" for their game with CSU in ‘99, right? They didn't get their reputation for nothing. They did it the old fashioned way. They earned it.

So, batten down the hatches folks, put the armor up on the windows and hide the kids, because in two weeks, The Buffs (and their pathetic rings) are coming to town.

Oh yeah, and their fans to.

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