Does Nebraska have a chance?

It probably isn't well known about the friends that Skyler Scott has in another town, but it is now. Scott has a couple of buddies that are actually from Lancaster (Texas). The three of them are close. The three of them are also holding one of the same offers: Nebraska. The Huskers hosted the pair from Lancaster, but can they get Scott?

The 6-foot-3 and 193-pound Skyler Scott is going to have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a school. The wide receiver from Mesquite (Texas) West is sitting in an impressive total of offers.

"I have 26 offers," Scott said. "I don't really know or have any favorites. I am really open. I am looking for an environment where the team is close. A team that is like family."

One such place might be at Nebraska who has offered Scott. Scott knows a little about Nebraska, but he has gotten a chance to learn a lot more since a couple of friends went to camp there.

"I have a couple of friends that went up there for camp, but I didn't get to go," Scott said. "I am good friends with Cordarius Golston and Joshua Brown.

"They told me it was an amazing place up there. They said that the coaches were cool and good people. They also said that the campus was nice.

"Overall, they said that they are very interested in going there and that it's a good situation to go there."

Scott could find himself in a good situation as Nebraska is always looking for receivers to help run the West Coast offense. Scott says that he would fit in at Nebraska because of his strengths.

"I run really good routes. It doesn't matter what they have me doing on the field, I will do whatever the coaches ask me to do. I am a team player."

Scott didn't know a lot about Cody Green before he committed to Nebraska. What he did know about Cody is that Cody's ranking spoke for itself and Green's ability.

"They got Cody Green? He's a five-star quarterback! That gives you an impression about them as a team. That type of commitment can really change a state of mind.

"You have to think about how a player like that is good for a team, a class and the other players. Given I play wide receiver, that would be very good for me.

"A commitment like that changes my attitude and feelings for a team, especially when it's a quarterback. I am going to go and do some research on Cody right now."

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