Sirles is down to four

The fact that the Huskers are even it for Jeremiah Sirles is a bit of a minor miracle. The offer that Sirles had received was from under Bill Callahan and the previous staff. That got the letter stuffed away to the back of the drawer, but when Bo Pelini took over there was a reason to get out and look at the changes. Sirles knows that Nebraska is on their way back.

Jeremiah Sirles, a 6-foot-8 and 300-pound offensive tackle from Lakewood (Colo.) Bear Creek, has had some quiet time away from taking trips recently. Right now, he is on his last trip of the summer.

"I am out in Oregon right now," Sirles said. "The summer has gone real well. Since Nebraska, I went up to see Northwestern around the time of a wedding, that's it. I am pretty sure that's it for the summer."

Sirles has taken plenty of trips to see what he thinks about the offers that he has received and has come up with a short list. There is a clear leader and then definitely a second, third and fourth place.

"I do have a pretty set list of favorites right now. Currently, Oregon is my number one. Then it goes Nebraska, Louisville and then Arizona State."

Nebraska has done a great job catching up with Sirles. Initially the Nebraska offer didn't get a lot of attention from Sirles, but with the changes at Nebraska with the coaching staff, it was worth another look.

"Initially Nebraska kind of slipped off my map. I got the offer from them and Bo Pelini wasn't coaching for them yet. I had just seen how things had worked up there the past couple of years.

"Going up there to see what is going on and seeing the way that Pelini is really going to turn that program around really boosted up my thoughts about that program and shot them to the top."

While the head coaching change has changed the direction of the program there is another reason for Sirles why Nebraska is second with him. He has really hit it off with his position coach.

"I would say that another one of the reasons for Nebraska going to the top is Barney Cotton, for sure. I would say that he is just a great guy, fun to talk to and is very personable.

"When I talked to one of the players about him, they told me that his coaching style was great. He doesn't scream, he doesn't yell. He just tells you what needs to be done and he expects it of you because you are a Division I athlete."

The player that Sirles spoke with didn't paint a rosy picture of life under the previous staff. However, he did say that things were really looking up under the new position coach because of their difference in how they approach coaching.

"Oh yeah. He said that things under Barney are so much better than they were. He had some very negative things to say about the previous position coach.

"When he got pulled off the field, he said that he used to get screamed at and just screamed at everyone. Now Barney just talks and gives you reasons why things are going on and it's completely different."

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