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There aren't any offers on the table for Chase Tanner, yet, but it seems that the first could be coming shortly. Regardless, there is a clear leader right now for Tanner, but an offer from someone can stir that up a little bit. The Huskers seem to be very interested in Tanner and things might be a little different had something happened this summer in Lincoln.

There is little out on the web about Chase Tanner being a football prospect, but he is. The 6-foot-4.5 and 305-pound Tanner from Council Bluffs (Iowa) Abraham Lincoln is known for track and field, but just uses if to get ready for football.

"I just do shot put to train for football," Tanner said. "I play offensive line. I am going to be playing offensive guard this year and I think that is what I am being recruited for."

The first offer for Tanner hasn't made its way to his door yet, but there is some serious interest for him from some schools in the area; especially the two in-state schools.

"I don't have any money offers yet. Iowa is pretty serious with me, I guess. I went to their camp and their offensive line coach writes me every week and I call them.

"Then there is Iowa State. Those are the two schools I am most serious about. Then there is Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado that all send me stuff."

Tanner seems that he is most interested in the two, in-state programs, but that isn't because he has favored those two all long or wants to stay close to home. "That is just coincidentally. I really like Iowa. I like their program. I like their facilities and campus."

Tanner has great size of an offensive guard. More than that, he can move. Tanner can run around the field faster than some of the other guys that are smaller than him.

"Probably that I weigh 305-pounds and the fact that I can move are my biggest strengths. I run a 5.34 which is fast for a guy that is my size or a 300 pound guy."

The offense that Abraham Lincoln will run this fall is a bit of a mystery. There are new coaches at the school this year, but you can count on them to run the ball. Regardless, Tanner is comfortable with run and pass blocking.

‘We just got a whole new set of coaches. I think we will be running a lot of two-back this year. We ran a lot last year too. I think that I can run and pass block, both, equally well."

Tanner has seen the school, the campus and the facilities at some schools already. There isn't a lot of time left before the start of the fall camp and Tanner is just getting ready for the season now.

"I have seen the campus at Iowa, Iowa State and Oklahoma. Our team did the South Dakota team camp. Right now, I am just coasting into the season. I am going to focus on my season."

The Huskers stay in good contact with Tanner. He gets the regular mail and some hand-written stuff. He was supposed to make it to the camp this summer, but was unable to make it due to a conflict.

"I get regular stuff from Nebraska probably once every two to three days. I have gotten some hand written letters from Coach Barney Cotton and I have his cell number.

"I met him when he came down to my school in the spring. I like him. I think that he is a good guy and seems like a good coach. I was going to do the Nebraska camp.

"I was supposed to go to the camp then I had a conflict come up and I wasn't able to go. I called him to apologize that I wouldn't be able to make it to their camp."

While Tanner seems to be sort of waiting for an Iowa offer, if Nebraska threw down and offer things might get interesting. It could create a situation when the decision wouldn't be as easy if he had offers from both Iowa and Nebraska.

"It would make my decision a lot harder. Nebraska is a good school and a good football team. I would really have to sit down and think about it, talk to my parents and talk to my coaches."

One of the reasons things could get difficult for Tanner if Iowa and Nebraska offer is because he didn't grow up following one particular program.

"I don't have a favorite college football team. I just like college football. I would say that would probably help me a lot with my decision about where to go."

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