Casey enjoys visit to Nebraska

As luck would have it, Chance Casey was making a trip up to Omaha, Nebr. to run in the Junior Olympics this week. Just down the road in Lincoln, is a school that recently offered Casey a chance to not only come and run track, but to also play football. The visit left Casey impressed and he has had some success in the Junior Olympics as well.

Chance Casey was busy yesterday. The running back/defensive back from Conroe (Texas) drove up to Nebraska on Wednesday, got some time off and then took a visit to see Lincoln.

"I am on my way into the hotel right now," Casey said. "I was running up here. I left on Wednesday night, just hung out on Thursday and then took a visit to Nebraska on Friday."

The visit went well for Casey. He came away impressed the facilities and the attitude that the people involved with Nebraska football have as coaches and staff as well as with the fans.

"I really enjoyed it. They had really nice facilities. The one thing that I really liked was the attitude of just everyone that was there. It's all about Nebraska football.

"From what the coaches told me, they showed me a picture of what their spring game looked like, a scrimmage, and they sold it out. That impressed me.

"The other thing that impressed me was the fact that every home game since 1962 has been sold out. That is very impressive."

Lincoln is quite a ways a way from Conroe and Casey didn't get a chance to see the town a lot on Friday. But, he was definitely impressed with the campus and the areas that he would frequent as a football player.

"I really didn't see the town a lot. The campus is really nice. The football area is mostly what I saw and it was really top notch. They are also getting a new academic center."

Nebraska isn't narrowing things down when it comes to Casey and where he could play on the field. The Huskers like him as an athlete and reiterated that he could play either offense or defense.

"They like me as an athlete. They said that I could play both ways. I want to play receiver, but if they want me on defense then that is fine with me.

"They said that they are trying to throw the ball 50-50 and they said that they run the offense that most pro teams use in the NFL."

Casey wasn't comfortable rating his trip to Nebraska since he has only taken one other trip and he has liked both.

"I am not really sure. This was only my second visit. I have really enjoyed both of them. So, I guess I really don't know what to rate it."

If there was one positive that Nebraska fans can take away about the trip it would be that Nebraska has solidified themselves a top spot on the list for Casey.

"The top, it was really already one of the top schools that I wanted to go to. This visit just wanted just wanted me to come here even more.

"I really can't make a decision yet. I need to sit down and do some research on the schools that I am looking at and plan on maybe going to."

Casey has been offered a chance to play football and run track in Lincoln. There was a need to get over and see the facilities that he would have when it came to running track.

"They have a really nice indoor track and I like their outdoor track too. Their outdoor track has a wide turn. They actually had their indoor track elevated. I saw that. It was pretty neat."

The prelims for the Junior Olympics were today in Omaha. Casey has run in two events and has qualified in both for the finals which will be tomorrow.

"I did well. It was just the prelims today. I did the 400 hurdles and the 110 hurdles. I think that I was 3rd in the 400 and I think that I was 4th or 5th in the 110. The finals are tomorrow."

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