Huskers will host pair from Trinity

The team at Euless (Texas) Trinity is going to be on the lips of a lot of high school football fans in the nation. Trinity is pre-season rated, #1 in the nation and there are already a handful of players that are set to go division one. Two of their players, one committed to Nebraska, have plans to see Lincoln early this season for an official visit.

Siosaia Tuipulotu, known as "L.T." has been double-dipping all summer. He gets up early in the morning to workout with his team mates from Euless (Texas) Trinity. Then, he heads into work that afternoon to make some money.

"I have been busy this summer," Tuipulotu said. "I have been working out a lot trying to get ready for the season. I also have a regular job that I go to from 1:00 until close about every day.

"Right now I have really been working on my speed. I am doing speed training in the mornings at the school. We are doing a lot of cone drills. We are up at the school at like 5:00 in the morning."

All of that work and still there is recruiting to stay on top of. L.T. has been doing the best that he can to stay up with it, but admits at times that it's hard to recall all of the offers that he has right now.

"Recruiting is going good. There are some new offers over here that I have, but I have been working and I haven't been keeping up with it very well.

"I don't have any clue how many I have. I have offers from Nebraska, Utah, Fresno State, Purdue, UNLV and some others. I have forgotten some. I don't even worry about it."

While Tuipulotu can't name all of his offers he can say who his current favorites are. "I am working on getting my list of favorites to five. I would say Nebraska, Louisville, Fresno State and Utah are my favorites right now."

Tuipulotu likes the fact that the team is close up in Lincoln. More than that, he likes the idea that Nebraska can help him take his game to the next level. Dontrayevous Robinson, a team mate, is also committed to Nebraska.

"The reason why I like Nebraska is because they work really well with their players. They also have a lot of players that leave to go to the NFL after Nebraska.

"Me and my friend Tray have been talking a lot about Nebraska. We talk about it all the time. We have our goals here in high school and we are working on our goals for the second level."

There is a lot to play for this fall for Euless Trinity. Widely regarded as the #1 team in America, sometimes that ranking can hinder a team's focus on playing hard all season. Tuipulotu and Robinson have been working on that.

"Tray and I started planning things about how to get better. So, we started to train together to push one another. We wanted everyone to come and work out with us, to push all of us.

"This Friday, Tray and I planned on doing a dinner with the team. We are all going to a restaurant together to have some fun before the season starts.

"It doesn't matter that we are #1 in the nation. It doesn't matter that we are #1 in the state. You need to stay focused all season to try and reach your goal."

With the start of the season marks the start of official visits. Tuipulotu says that he and Robinson will be headed up to Nebraska for their second game after Trinity opens up that Monday on Labor Day.

"Tray and I were talking about it. We are going to Nebraska the Friday after our first game. We play on Monday and then we are leaving on Friday to see Nebraska and visit with all their players and see their game."

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