Green enjoys stay in Lincoln

Cody Green committed to Nebraska about three weeks ago and after having attended the quarterback academy headed back up to Lincoln again this past weekend. This weekend was a little different. The Huskers already got Cody Green to commit to the idea of being a Cornhusker, but could Cody recruit his sister to potentially follow him north to Lincoln?

Cody Green, the five-star quarterback commitment from Dayton (Texas), was back in Lincoln again this weekend. The first time in Lincoln gave Green a chance to see everything that was "football", but he wanted to focus more on the academic side on this trip.

"I got back on Sunday," Green said. "It was a fun trip. This time we really just went up there to really show my sister around and really talk to the academic people about classes."

While Cody was interested in looking into the academics in Lincoln there was another interested party in his group. His sister, a senior at Baylor, is considering pursuing her masters in Lincoln and really became a fan of Nebraska.

"She was just going to look around to see if she wanted to go up there. She didn't end up taking Football 202 with Bo Pelini this weekend like some thought.

"From my point of view, if she really, really likes something then she starts to buy stuff. Like the corn aspect of Nebraska? She really liked that.

"It became kind of a trip to get anything that was corn. It was a test to see how much corn she could get. You know the cornhead? The hat? Yeah, she got it.

While it isn't certain if Cody's sister will join him or not in Lincoln it is certain that it would make a difference to have someone like that around. Either way, Green knows that going to college is going to be a giant leap for him.

"I think that she is considering going up there for her graduate studies. It would help in bunches to have my sister up there while I am up there.

"It would be just to have that closeness of somebody that I know like that. It's someone that I can always reference to. If she doesn't, then it's time to grow up. Either way, it's time to grow up."

Dayton were state semi-finalists last year and had a 6-1 record in district as well as an 11-4 record overall. There is reason to be excited about the talent on the team this year.

"We start two a days next Monday. We'll go full on right then. After that, it will be straight on from there. We have had seven on seven and stuff like that and you can tell we are gelling. It will be a fun ride this year."

While the formality of setting up the official visit to Nebraska hasn't been made, Green believes that he will be in Lincoln the weekend on September, 6 for his official visit. He will visit one other time later in the season on another bye making it four times he visits Nebraska before enrolling.

"I haven't set it up yet. I just know that it's probably going to be the San Jose State game. I think that is our bye week. We have another bye week during our district bye week and I will make it up then again."

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