"Mr. Popular" again, Garrett Bushong

Whenever a player de-commits, regardless of the reason, speculation abounds as to their intent. Was it because it was an emotional decision made later regretted? Was it because they just didn't know what they were doing or was it because there were other circumstances that were far out of their control. Well, fortunately for Bushong, he can talk proudly that this decision wasn't his doing, rather someone else's.

Garrett Bushong - TE - 6-5, 225, 4.8/40 - Ionia, Michigan - When Michigan State started this season, it was quite obviously with the intent that anything but what actually happened, would occur. Now, months later, a head coach fired and turmoil rampant amongst the team, the luster of the Spartans has wore thin to recruits to the extent where once they committed, they have decided that they need to take a look around.

That's what Garrett chose and now, all the attention he avoided by an earlier commit way back in July, that's come back and even to a level that Garrett wasn't expecting. "Actually, it's been more than I thought it was going to be." Garrett said. "It's picked up a lot and a bunch have been calling me."

And why wouldn't they? One of the hotter TE prospects in the country just came back onto the open market. Anyone in need of a solid prospect at that position, you bet they are going to go after him and with a fervor. Amongst those that have came after Garrett since his de-commit are Florida, Illinois, Northwestern, Purdue, Nebraska and not one to be forgotten, Michigan State.

Yes, Michigan State.

The Spartans may be in a situation right now that isn't attractive to most recruits, but that doesn't mean they will stay that way. Garrett is definitely watching the situation close, because he knows where his heart resides. "It's got to be State." Garrett said. "I've been around them for about two and a half years now and it's hard to see all this stuff happen to them and hopefully everything goes well with them." If it does, Garrett has a better than decent idea of where he is going, but if not...."That's life. You have to deal with it, I'm going somewhere else."

Garrett's decision to de-commit was based on a situation not of his making. The next situation he finds himself in, it's one that he hopes will turn out to be better. It is open market on Bushong though and if you wondered how good he was, all the attention he has received in the brief time since his announcement to look elsewhere, that should tell you right there.

Right now, Garrett has one official down (Purdue), one that is firm (Illinois) and one that in tentatively set (Florida). Also, Garrett stated that is hoping to get an official scheduled to Nebraska and is still looking at Michigan State has another possibility.

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