Earl Everett, Champion of the World!!!!

Ok, he's great. Blah, blah, blah. He's awesome, he's one of the best, blah, blah , blah. When it comes to this young man, you've heard it all and the adjectives are starting to wear thin. What's news is something you might not have known. We'll see if we can help.

Earl Everett - LB - 6-3, 210, 4.5/40 - Bushnell, FL. (South Sumter) - You could literally write a form letter for this young man and almost make it sound like a boxing introduction. "Now stepping onto the field, weighing in at a sturdy 210 lbs., he's slick, he's fast, he's tough as nails and he's the defending champion of the world." Ok, maybe not. But, at least it's something different. When you are as good as Earl Everett is, there's only so many ways you can say "great" before people start to just dismiss it as almost cliche'.

Actually, it is, but that's not the point.

Either way, what about something you didn't know or at the very least, something that you don't regularly hear about when concerning this Florida standout. Do you know what his favorite position to play is? "Probably quarterback." Everett said.

Say what???? Quarterback????

One of the best linebackers in the high school world would just as soon be a QB? Ok, that's strange. "I like playing linebacker, because you get to hit people, but we play the option here, so there's a lot of contact as a quarterback." Earl said.

But, who in the world wants him to be a QB rather than the position he has claimed so much fame? "Nebraska." Everett stated. Ahh yes, the one school that Everett is seriously looking at that wants him to be something other than what he is known for. There is a downside to that though as Everett stated. "The only thing is, there are no option quarterbacks in the NFL, so I don't know how much I would really like that."

He's certainly right about that, but he did say that the Huskers are recruiting him as an athlete, so he stated that he has the choice.

What about the other schools though. After all, they are all recruiting him for linebacker, something he is even better at, at least at the high school level. Well, there's Florida, Florida State and Miami. Yep, you probably expected those from a young Florida stud. Well, throw on Tennessee and you don't have a complete list, but these are the heavy hitters for Everett right now.

His official visits stand at two, one to Florida and the other to Miami, but said that he is definitely planning on a visit to the Cornhusker state and is looking at scheduling the other two as well.

You are probably assuming that with this much clout and this much attention, Earl has the luxury to wait it out and see how things develop. You are right and Everett stated that he is going to do just that.

As for an ending to this update, how about this.......He's fast, his quick, he's .....oh hell, blah, blah, blah.......he's one of the best in the entire country.

You get it?

This kid is good.

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