Thursday Practice Report

Coach Frank Solich addressed the media today following Thursday's practice. Amongst the topics covered were the status of Jammal Lord, the goals of what a week before the regular week of practice encompasses and the effect (if any) on practice from the fact that in Memorial, the state playoffs are being held.

Coach Frank Solich addressed the media last night after what he considered a "good" practice. "It went good." Solich stated. "They were spirited, moved around well and will come out in sweats tomorrow."

The planned scrimmage between the redshirts however did not go off as planned. ""We did not go with the team scrimmage tonight." Solich stated. "We decided earlier on that with the guys that haven't been scrimmaging much to wait until tomorrow, because we will be out in sweats."

"That practice will end a little sooner, we'll be able to go a little bit longer and we'll be able to go up on the field, so it all made sense to hold that off until tomorrow after the short sweated practice with the varsity."

The status of Jammal Lord has been up in the air since the Kansas State game, Lord not having practiced at all since that time, though he has been doing some post-practice calisthenics with his teammates. That status did not change today, but coach Solich stated that Lord would be back. "He'll be back to full-practice tomorrow, ready to go."

Friday is the last scheduled practice of the week, with coaches taking off on their weekend recruiting trips. Coach Solich said that there would be seven coaches leaving on those trips, but he wasn't to be one of them. "I'll be here working on film."

When a team has two weeks off, that leaves you an extra week prior to the regular week of practices to, well, practice more. There is a regiment though as there is with the regular weeks on what is to be accomplished before getting back on schedule again. "You want to make sure that when you get them back from the game, you spend a lot of time watching film and then, get them in the weight room right away." Solich stated.

"Then, you want to follow that with three days of good hard practice and that's what we did. That will lead us to Friday, where we will be running around, go through down and distance and be a good review on the entire game plan that we have in place in right now and then give them the next day off."

"Then, we gather them up on Sunday and start regular practice on Monday."

Over yesterday and last night along with this weekend, there will be an added attraction to Memorial, the football state championships. With their use of Memorial, one might wonder how the coaches correlate the priorities between who gets the field and when. "We've got priority on the field of course." Solich stated. "Our normal practice time, there's no playoff games that are going."

"The two days of this week where we practiced down here [on the grass field] were because of just having more room and being able to spread out. Of course, when you get to this time of the year, sometimes you are not able to use the grass fields, but we are still able to use them."

The practices next week are regular in their schedule, but "media day" will be adjusted somewhat, the address to the press by the coaches and players being changed from Tuesday to Monday.

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