Off-Camera Quotables

You heard some of the quotes from the regular press conference. But what do some say when perhaps not every single camera is on them and every microphone is in their face? Here are a few quotes we caught from players after the P.C, that you may or may not have seen.

Our thanks to Darion Miller, who got all of these quotes as he was browsing the hallways during the course of the P.C.

Larry Asante on Marvin Sanders

Somebody asked him to compare the talent we had in 2003 and the talent we had in 2008 and he said that by far we were more athletic – had more talent and it's up to us (to realize it). That's like our motivation. We can't wait to get out to practice – like we're hungry. Just hearing that from a coach, that makes you want to go out there and give it 200 percent, because your coach has that much confidence in you.

Larry Asante on goals for interceptions this year

After seeing that 2003 film I want 15. I was researching a little college NCAA record and it was 14, and I think the sky is the limit. I think we can all go out there and a secondary and put up 40-plus turnovers. I think we can do that. I think the sky is the limit with the defensive scheme we are in right now.

Larry Asante on last year's system versus this year

I think the position we were in was just awkward. A lot of time I felt like I was on an island out there on the field – I was on skates. This year I am so much more comfortable.

Rickey Thenarse on new system allowing a freedom to play

With the defense being simple and the techniques being simple and just letting us play it's better. Last year we were always thinking, nervous and scared to mess up.

Marlon Lucky on what he needs to improve the most

Yards after contact. That's big. That's big. Getting in there, struggling and pushing yourself to strive for more. That's what I am going to focus on."

Joe Ganz on the best advice former Husker quarterback Zac Taylor has given him

"Don't screw up."

Ndamukong Suh on the defense and its versatility

There are so many things we can change around and things we can do differently. So, we disguise and it's totally different to how you can kind of read. We're not being dictated to. We are dictating to them. That's the main thing that I notice.

Ndamukong Suh on the length of the leash Bo Pelini seems to have on the players seem to have when it comes to disciplinary issues, and if it's too short.

Personally, I don't think it's a short leash. Some people might see it as a short leash. I think it's a reasonable leash that he allows us to do what we want us to do within the parameters having respect for your own teammates, him, our coaches and everybody leading up to coach Osborne. You've got to have that respect for everybody, but it still allows you do what you want to do as a person.

As long as you are taking care of your own business, you are in your own house and you are doing your own things and not trying to get your own attention through the media or difference sources, you are going to be fine in his book."

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