Friday Practice Report

The last practice of the week saw a return of a familiar face, the competing of the newer ones and a sweated run through of just some of the stuff planned for next week against Colorado. Today was like any other, in that it's used as evaluation, but some of it is for a game away and some it is for as far away as next year.

Today was a chance for the redshirts to finally get out of the practice form of doing things. Running the Nebraska offense and the Nebraska defense, it's something that most of the redshirts haven't gotten a chance to do. More often than not, they are running the offenses and defenses of the teams that the starters and back ups will be seeing the following week from their opponent. Today was their day to be full-fledged Huskers.

It went as you would expect.

"We had a little bit of scrimmage with them [the redshirts]." Solich stated. "The technique was really off and the knowledge of what they are doing at their position to a degree is off, because they have been running scout team plays the most of the year. But, the effort was good and we got by the scrimmage without any major injuries, so on that end of it, it was good."

The week in general has been one of neither highs or lows. Though having Jammal Lord back in practice today was certainly a plus, even if it was in sweats, this week has been good, simply because nobody seems to still be stinging from last week's loss to the Wildcats. "It's been a good week.." Solich stated. "They've come out and they have done what we asked them to do. Their attitude has been good and they are working towards wanting to play a very good football game."

Offensive lineman, Mike Erickson is still out, nursing a sore hip, but outside of the players that are out, the team is relatively healthy.

One of the major factors, at least the last part of this week has been the other event going on. With the state playoffs in town, not even the coaching staff and team can avoid it as the teams are using Memorial Stadium for the games. The game for the Class A state title though should have some bearing on coach Solich as he coached Lincoln Southeast , as they say, way back when.

If there was significance for him though, he didn't let on. "It should be a good game." Solich said laughingly. "I'd actually like to see it, but we'll watch it on TV I guess." Solich may watch it on TV, but it will be after the game occurs, as he stated there are other issues at hand. "If any of your staff has been to a game or a team that is playing in a game, you aren't allowed to evaluate them again."

With seven coaches out on the road recruiting, Solich and what is left of company will be doing extra film review throughout the weekend and on Sunday, players will return from their day off, start reviewing film and of course, spend a generous amount of time in the weight room.

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