Kerr gives visit a high mark

The Huskers are looking for that type of tight end that defenses fear and must account for on the field at all times. J.T. Kerr, from San Diego (Calif.) Scripps Ranch, has been the top target of Nebraska for a while now. Today, he was in town and got to see everything that Nebraska had to offer as well as attend two practices. What were his thoughts?

J.T. Kerr, a 6-foot-4 and 240-pound tight end from San Diego (Calif.) Scripps Ranch, has had a long day today. For just under 12 hours, he has been on campus in Lincoln, Nebr. checking out what the Huskers have to offer.

"We got to the stadium at 8:45 this morning," Kerr said. "We just left a few minutes ago, around 8:00 or so. We saw everything. We covered every nook and cranny. It was awesome.

"I really, really liked the coaches. Coach Ron Brown and Coach Bo Pelini were just awesome. It was just everything that I expected and more.

"Then, it was the offense. It was just the way that I could see myself fitting in there really shocked me. I have heard good things, a tight end friendly offense, and Coach Shawn Watson's success with tight ends at Colorado was impressive. The facilities were also very impressive."

Kerr traveled up there with his father and could be heard in the background reminding J.T. of things that they liked. His father added a couple of other things that impressed him.

"My dad really liked it. He really loved the whole thing. He was really impressed with the trainers, the strength coaches and the nutrition side of the program."

This Saturday was a great chance not only for a visit, but to get a chance to see Nebraska workout. The Huskers had two practices today and Kerr came away impressed with the coaching style.

"I really liked how personable the coaches were at practice. It just seemed like every time Coach Brown had something to say to someone, he just generalized and explained it."

"I can see myself really fitting in at Nebraska, fitting in the offense and feeling comfortable there. All of the coaches were just great and made us feel really comfortable."

The visit rating by Kerr for Nebraska was very high. If there was something that he wish that he could have got more of, it might have been talk to some more players, but with two practices things were a little busy.

"I would probably have to say a "9". I wish that I would have had a chance to meet with the players a little more, but I know that they were pretty busy. Other than that, everything was really smooth."

Kerr was supposed to make it up to Oregon next week. It's still possible that he will, but it sounds like it could be over the weekend, if at all, but there is a desire to see Oregon before the start of his season at Scripps Ranch.

"We are still going to try and make it out to Oregon next weekend. It's going to be tough. Practice starts on next Wednesday for us and things are going to get pretty hectic. We are going to try and get out there before the season starts."

Kerr is talking about taking all of his trips now before making a decision. The Huskers can expect to host him again this fall for an official. Planning all of the trips will happen for Kerr; taking all of them is a little up in the air.

"I am definitely coming back out to Nebraska for an official visit. Before I make my decision, I would really like to plan on taking all five. Whether I commit or not before that, I don't know."

With a solid visit to Nebraska, Kerr says that the Huskers are on top of his list of favorites at the moment. "Nebraska has got to be on the top."

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