Post Practice Audio Bytes

Check out our latest post-practice audio was Head Coach Bo Pelini talks about an improving team; nose tackle Ndamukong Suh talks about playing with others along the line injured; wide receiver Nathan Swift talks about developing as a wide receiving corps and Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach Shawn Watson talks about what he's seen from a positive side about the progression through Fall Camp.

Head Coach Bo Pelini

A spirited practice, Injuries, Perfection, impact of injuries, playing through the pain, scrimmaging, linebackers

Ndamukong Suh

Working through injuries of others, Ty Steinkuhler coming back, Jared Crick, chemistry,

Shawn Watson

Patrick Witt, Staying on track, O-Line, Receivers, Jaivorio Burkes, Ball security

Nate Swift

The week that was, starting slow, coaching the freshmen, Coach Pelini

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