Morin sees Nebraska, again

It's usually a good sign when you can get a visitor up one last time before the start of fall camp, school or the season for an unofficial visit. It also doesn't hurt that as a college that you have a history with getting players out of a particular high school. Nebraska has a lot going for it and the recruitment of this offensive tackle from Overland Park (Kans.) St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Jake Morin was up at the Nebraska summer camp earlier in the year. Today, the rumor was that Morin was up in Lincoln again to take an unofficial visit.

"Yeah, I was up in Lincoln," Morin said. "I was up there for camp in the summer. I just decided to go up and watch a practice. This was pretty much the only day that I could go up."

Morin, a 6-foot-6 and 287-pound offensive tackle from Overland Park (Kans.) St. Thomas Aquinas, said that the timing was right to get to Lincoln. He is definitely running out of it.

"We start fall camp next week, it's two a days, and most states start their fall camps this week, but in Kansas we start ours a week later.

"Our school actually starts next Tuesday too. Our first game is that last Friday in August. I think that it's August 29th."

There was a want to get back up to Lincoln to see some things that he couldn't see in the summer. There was also a chance for him to talk to the two main coaches for him in Lincoln.

"I just wanted to see what a practice was like. I had pretty much seen all of the facilities and talked to all of the coaches that are recruiting me.

"I just wanted to see how the practice was run and see what they do. I got to talk to Barney Cotton and Shawn Watson a little bit more."

Morin has a pretty good idea that Nebraska is fairly interested in me. It seems that if Morin comes out and has a good two to three games and an offer might show up.

"I think that they are really interested. I need to get my first two or three games up to them and if I go out and knock some people around I am pretty sure I will get an offer."

The Nebraska offer, if it were to arrive, wouldn't be the first for Morin. Actually, Morin is sitting on three offers at the moment and just got back from a visit to see one of those schools.

"I have three offers right now. I have offers from Army, Navy and Air Force. I actually took a visit out to Air Force about three weeks ago and it went really good."

A popular topic with a lot of players right now is official visits. Morin said that he didn't set one up to Nebraska, yet, but he will and he isn't going to visit anywhere for a while.

"I didn't set up an official visit to Nebraska today. I will probably take my official visits after my season is over and not until it's over."

There was another person that Morin got a chance to spend some time with today. 2008 recruit, Kyler Reed, is up in Lincoln now and is trying to get ready for the upcoming season.

"I spoke to Kyler. He had pulled his hamstring in the morning practice, so he wasn't practicing. I got a chance to talk him for about 20 minutes or so.

"He just said that he really liked it. He said that it's a really big transition from there to high school. We talked about how their playbook and Aquinas' play book are completely different.

"Right now he is just trying to learn the plays. He just said to me that he really, really liked it at Nebraska. There are others from St. Aquinas, like Lance Brandenburgh, that has played there at Nebraska so I know what to expect."

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