Post Practice Audio Bytes

Check out some audio from post-practice today as Head Coach Bo Pelini talks about a number of things, including the injury status of offensive lineman Jaivorio Burkes and Latravis Washington ; CB Eric Hagg talks about still learning and being young, learning as they go and the rotation at corner;

Head Coach Bo Pelini

Making Progress, Cornerbacks, The defense and mistakes, On schedule, Latravis Washington, Marcel Jones, Jaivorio Burkes, Scrimmage, Playing perfect, Patrick Witt & Zac Lee, Being the Head Coach, Offensive Line, Prince Amukamara

Cornerback Eric Hagg

Freshmen getting along, rotating at corner, learning the little things

Rickey Thenarse

Delivering the hits, leaders taking over, playing as a team, trusting your own

More audio up-coming, including an audio one-on-one with Cody Glenn and more with Quentin Castille

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