Join us for TAKE ONE, our weekly recap of the week in recruiting that was. We'll talk about updates done, some that you didn't see, some rumors out and abound and analyze positions, percentages and players. Take a look at our Extra offering to you recruiting fanatics in TAKE ONE, your recap of recruiting.

Ok, this is the second edition of TAKE ONE and next week, we will be going AUDIO, myself along with Jeremy and who knows who might drop by to jump on in the recruiting conversation, but this is your weekly recap in recruiting and a look ahead.


If you didn't know this guy was off the NU map, .......................he's off the NU map.



This guy is a stud, but you know something, this situation here reminds me a lot of the BLAKE LARSEN deal a couple of years ago. No, NU isn't making the kind of impression on him as they did Blake, but I see Jones going to Iowa..........just for some odd reason, I think he is Hawkeye bound.

The situation with Jones stands as this. He's got one official visit left to schedule and NU is battling for that with the likes of Tennessee, so he's a longshot, but I think Iowa gets him.


A very nice sized DB out of California, Chad's speed in combination with his size have gotten him quite a few offers. None from NU though. You might be looking at NU's interest in the JUCO ranks as to a reason why, but we don't know that for sure.

So, Chad hasn't completely dropped NU, but as he said, they are fading and fading fast.


The time is ticking away on Byford to the point where I think he says, "I'm a Husker". When will that be? My guess is right before Christmas, after his last visit. The big thing here is, The Visit to Oklahoma (this last weekend), that's the key. Just how impressed he comes off of that will go a long way into either securing NU's hold on Byford, or showing it for at least some weaknesses.

Stay tuned on this (what I consider) possible future Huskers.


Still smarting from the coaching dismemberment at Michigan State, Marcus is looking for direction. After talking to Woods more than a few times, I can see that he is all about going to be with the Spartans, but he wants a good coaching situation to go to.

If Bowling Green's Urban Meyers goes there, he's going there. If not though, it could be Bowling Green, it could be Wisconsin and yes, it could be Nebraska.

Nebraska and Michigan State used to be the ONLY schools he was looking at, but I think that Nebraska has fallen down a ways for him.


This weekend, Nebraska will be getting visits by a number of players. Most notably amongst those are Ian-Yates Cunningham, Will Oliver, Anthony Guerrerro and Donnell Livingston. Three for the pipeline and one for the line on the other side.

I would expect that because of Oliver's infatuation with NU that had a great deal to do with him de-committing from the Aggies, his pledge to the Huskers over the weekend isn't out of the question. It would be big for NU to break the lull in commits and to do it with such an outstanding player like Oliver.

That impression could also sway Cunningham, at least to a degree. No, I would seriously doubt that Cunningham would make any early decisions, but they are friends, so the drama could be interesting if not intriguing.

Guerrerro is a JUCO that could add immediate depth, but I'm telling you and this is my opinion only, if NU gets everyone that is injured right now, back amongst the healthy and looking at guys like Jamyel Phillips and Jermaine Leslie waiting in the wings, NU will go from Paper Thin this year to Ocean Deep next year, so though you want to keep building that depth with talent, I don't believe the JUCO route is the way to go.

At least on the offensive line.

Donnell Livingston said he moved his visit up to this date because he likes Nebraska as much, but also because his team isn't playing in the post-season anymore. I think the latter has more to do with than the former, so NU will have to make a helluva impression of they are going to stay with him as he visits places like Florida, Miami and so on.

Honestly, I think NU loses out on him and do you know why?



I talked about Brett Byford and about Will Oliver, two great offensive linemen that seem to have a serious affection for NU. Looking at that along with NU's current potential depth at lineman, NU is already looking good. Throw in a Cunningham and you might have yourself the foundation for one of the best O line classes in the country and you can bet that they won't be the only ones.

Cunningham is only a possibility though because of the coaching staff at NU. Yes, their lack of attention towards Ian-Yates was one of the reasons he decided to all but drop them, but give the staff their props for reeling this standout back in.

Don't kid yourself, there's about forty other schools that are willing to court this kid to his heart's content, so for NU to get him back to the point where he would actually take an official visit, that's big time.

NU did good. Now, we will see if they can finish the job on Cunningham.


There's just about three weeks left before the JUCOS are scheduled to sign and though they have a month beyond that date, bet on most making their decisions on the day in hand. Not in many years has NU either had so much interest in the JUCO ranks or that so many top-flight JUCOS have had their eye on NU, but one thing is for sure. In a year where NU seems to find itself with some urgent depth, especially on the defensive side, you don't want to build a wall with JUCO players, but they are a great help in at least sealing holes here and there.

NU has those, especially at CB and guys like DeFrand, Brian Staley and Chijoke Onyenegcha

would all be considered big-time stop-gap measures until NU can get some quality defensive backs out of the high school ranks in and develop the ones they have. Fabian Washington has been talented the whole time, but his inexperience has given him a baptism by fire. He's going to need some help.

Also, keep your eye on Doug Langenfeld, a super-star JUCO RE out of Georgia. He's another guy that NU could sorely use to fill in for a position that's going to have a lot of room for fillers next season. Outside of Kyle Caldwell, he could be NU's biggest grab at the position.

OK, that's it for TAKE ONE this week and stay tuned next week because folks, we are GOING AUDIO. That's right. Jeremy and I will be taking to the waves to bring you TAKE ONE , where we will cover all the news in recruiting the prior week, the weeks to come, the rumors at large and tear down some of the subjects you like most.

Stay Tuned................................we'll be back


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