Still going strong

When most high school kids are thinking about basketball, wrestling or what college they are going to, some are still playing football. The fortunate few are usually so wrapped up in their game, recruiting is the last thing they are worried about right now. Jason was to a degree, but took time to talk a little recruiting with us.

Jason Ray-(WR-Broken Arrow, Ok-6'2-190-4.5/40) Going into the third round of state play offs has Jason pretty psyched up. Not much time to think where you are going to be next year when you currently having the time of your life "We got the semi-finals coming up this weekend. I don't know if they're Friday or Saturday. It's all going to fast and I don't even know the day we play." I've spoken to Jason several times in the past and you could obviously how excited he was. In past interviews he seemed reserved and somewhat shy, not this time.

Sitting on a handful of offers his list of favorites is something that he seemed hesitant to talk about "I don't know if I actually have a top 5 or anything like that. I always have schools I'm looking at, but that changes." Schools he did say he was looking especially hard at were Notre Dame, Missouri, Colorado St., and NorthWestern.

As for officials he has only had time to set up one so far "I've been working setting up others, but so far the only one I have set up is for Missouri (Dec 13th)."

Jason is only being looked at as a wide receiver. So what sets Jason apart from other WR? "Route running. I'm quick and fast, I have good hands, but so does everyone. I think that's what sets me apart."

Jason is fully qualified.

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