A diamond in the ruff?

There's a ton of players out there that haven't gotten the attention, haven't gotten the hype and in some cases, have gone completely overlooked. For whatever reasons, they are the unknown, so when they spring onto the scene, they are considers diamond in the ruff. Erik could be one of those types.

Erik Bergland Beaverton, OR OL-6'6-278-5.2/40 Currently still sitting on 2 offers has discouraged Erik at all. Playing football for only 2 years and still getting attention from big time schools is nothing to be ashamed about "I started playing late. Just never really thought about playing football, but it became obvious I should be doing something when I'm a foot taller than most of those around me."

Erik is a very bright and well spoken guy, easy to like, but once he gets on the field it's all business "I don't trash talk or anything. I'm just serious, I have a job to do and I will do it."

Erik's 2 offers are from Portland State and Washington. "I don't have a favorite, we'll just see where things end up" No officials have been set up either.

Erik is fully qualified.

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