Another #16 to replace #16?

The wide receiver recruiting on the surface for Nebraska has gotten a little confusing as of late. There is definitely a need to get in a player to try and take the place of Maurice Purify and what he meant to the team the past two years. This junior college receiver could be just what the doctor ordered and could be one of Nebraska's next commitments.

When people look back at the Nebraska teams the past two years, they might remember the good and the bad times. However, others will think about #16 Maurice Purify and what it was like to have a player like that on your team.

Nebraska needs to find someone to fill #16's shoes this year and for seasons to come. It just so happens that the Huskers have focused their attention to another junior college receiver that happens to wear the #16 as well.

If you want to talk to an excitable recruit, try Brandon Kinnie. His energy puts the interview into overdrive and if you think that he is just good with words wait and put a football in his hands.

Kinnie, a 6-foot-3 and 218-pound wide receiver from Fort Scott (Kans.) Community College, just had his second practice of the fall camp and they are working towards doing something that a Ft. Scott team has never done.

"It's going really good," Kinnie said. "We just had our second practice and we are getting ready for Kilgore (Texas). We are trying to get that "W".

"We haven't ever gone down there and beat a team in Texas. So, we want to be first to try and do it. Our first game is on August 30th at 7:00 in Kilgore."

Kinnie is a threat on the outside at his wide receiver position. Kinnie will play the receiver positions in a number of different alignments on the field making it confusing to call him a receiver, tight end or H-back to some.

"I don't know why some call me a tight end. I am a wide receiver. I know that they have me all over the field, even some H that blocks on some plays, but I am a wide receiver."

If there is something that Kinnie has going for him then it has to be his versatility. A guy with his size that can line up all over the field and has his speed is a threat to be reckoned with.

"I would say getting off the ball, getting off of the press real well. I can go vertical and go short. I don't think that I showed enough last year to keep me out of a red shirt year.

"But, when we ran our 40 times during the spring, I ran a 4.46 in my first time and a 4.37 in my second. Then they really knew that they could use me as a vertical guy.

Out of high school, Kinnie had a quarterback that Nebraska fans know about. It's a certain quarterback that was once committed to Nebraska and then decided to decommit and go to another Big 12 North team.

"In high school, I played for Grandview with Josh Freeman who was originally committed to Nebraska and changed to Kansas State. I bet him. I bet him money he would go to Nebraska.

"I just knew that he was going to go to Lincoln. I bet him $100 on that and he changed it. I was like ‘Oh Josh!'. It was crazy. I was like ‘What are you doing?'"

Besides knowing Josh Freeman who was committed to Nebraska, Kinnie knows a little about Nebraska himself. In fact, Kinnie has been there twice in the past three years. One visit came in the past two weeks.

"I went up there for their Adidas Elite Camp when I was a senior. I liked it a lot then. I didn't think a lot about them then because Kansas State was recruiting me the hardest.

"They were really recruiting me the hardest because they were recruiting Josh. They kept seeing me on tape, Josh throwing me the ball, and really got to like me. I was really feeling them.

"I went up there for a visit and I really fell in love with it then. It was the campus, the spirit, the housing and just the tradition; I feel like I can really come in there and help out the wide receivers a lot."

Kinnie isn't alone with his thoughts about helping out Nebraska. The position coach at Nebraska told him the same thing about how they would like to use Kinnie in Lincoln.

"Coach Ted Gilmore was telling me that he wouldn't bring in a JUCO guy to just play. He wants guys to come in and change the program; to be something more. I really feel like I can be for them.

Kinnie was just on campus on August 6th with just about the entire staff from Ft. Scott including Head Coach Jeff Sims, Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach Curtis Horton, Defensive Coordinator Russ Pickett, Defensive Backs Coach Brandon Sams and Quarterbacks Coach Mike Chandler.

"When I went up there for the Elite Camp we just saw the indoor facilities. After seeing the weight room, the training room and just going back and forth with here, it was amazing.

"That can be said about any division one college, but I had already been to Arkansas, Kansas and I was supposed to go to LSU. I just liked Nebraska even though Kansas just built a new one.

"I really liked Nebraska a whole lot more. It was just the feeling and the vibe that I got from it. I just liked it a whole lot more (than Kansas). I liked everything. The coaching staff was really cool. Nothing disappointed me.

"Coach Bo Pelini then sat me down and we talked for about 10 minutes. He really just told me that they need me down there. I wanted to commit the day I got their offer. I wanted to go right then and there.

"My coach, Coach Sims told Bo about how important my mom was to me and how great it would be to get my mom to really like Nebraska. He also encouraged me to get my mom on the visit to Nebraska in September.

"Everyone enjoyed themselves on that visit, especially the coaches. Just by looking at how they ate and how they lifted weights; it just made you want to work harder.

"My coach was telling me that of all the schools that he has been to that Nebraska has the best food he's had, ever. I agree. It told you the calories and the fat content."

Kinnie will be heading back up to Nebraska again for the game against San Jose State on September 6. If everything goes to plan, Kinnie might just be ready to get his commitment done right then and there.

"I think that it will be. I really want to. I really want to really bad. I know people are saying why not this and why not that. I just feel like I fit in well with the program.

"I really want to get it out of the way to concentrate on the season. I just want to know what I am going to do when things are all over with. I want to be able to focus on what I have to do right now."

Kinnie is infectious. It's about wanting to commit. It's about wanting to get some things out of the way. It's also about a year of penned up energy from having to sit out.

"I am just ready. I have been ready to go for a while. I had to sit out last year on a red shirt. I am just ready to get this thing going."

Kinnie is also holding an offer from Arkansas as well as receiving considerable interest from LSU and Kansas.

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