Lowe sets trip to Lincoln

Above recruiting players for a particular position by the Nebraska staff it seems that there is a need to upgrade the athleticism on the team through the 2009 class. The Huskers have a big game on September 27 against Virginia Tech and are now set to host two of their top targets for the 2009 season and both are from the same high school.

It feels good for Daytawion Lowe and his team from Midwest City (Okla.) Carl Albert to get back out on the field. The 6-foot-0 and 175-pound cornerback says that he worked hard this summer.

"We are back out on the practice field," Lowe said. "I was working the most this summer on increasing my size and improving my athleticism overall.

"I would say specifically that I was working on my coverage and my footwork. I am doing a lot of one on ones and scrimmage work to do that."

The season starts in a week and shortly after that Lowe will take his first official visit to Lincoln. When Lowe makes that trip he is hoping to get a good look at Nebraska's defense.

"I have set up one official visit set up to Nebraska on September 26th. I want to see their style of defense and see how I fit in their defense."

While Lowe wants to see Nebraska's defensive style and see himself fitting in, he already knows some things about Nebraska.

"I know that they have a great coaching staff and they have had a lot of success as a program. I also know they play in a competitive conference."

After the visit to Nebraska, Lowe is considering seeing a couple of other Big 12 North teams and he is also considering a school that is nearby as well.

"I think that I will take an official visit to Missouri and Iowa State maybe. I also really like Oklahoma State, but I am not sure about taking an official visit there."

When Lowe goes to look at these schools he is looking for the perfect situation that allows him to just come in and fit in. That will be big in his decision.

"It's really just about where I fit at. I really am looking for the place that I feel that I belong. Distance isn't a big thing for me at all."

The Nebraska staff has been hard after Lowe for a while now and the Nebraska recruiting coach needs a lot of credit with his recruitment of Lowe to this point.

"Coach Barney Cotton has been recruiting me from Nebraska. He's definitely down to Earth, one on one, he's a person that you can connect with and who can make you feel comfortable.

"I did get a chance to talk with Marvin Sanders from Nebraska. I spoke to him. You could tell that he knew what he was talking about and it seemed like I had a great chance to come in and play."

Lowe watched Nebraska a little when he was growing up. There is one player that he said he liked to watch the most because of his abilities to make plays.

"When I was growing up, I followed Nebraska and especially Eric Crouch. You really had no idea what was going to happen when they snapped the ball. He had such great ability to make plays."

Lowe won't be traveling alone to Nebraska. Instead, he will bring the running back from his team who also has Nebraska as one of his top two or three teams.

"When I head up to Nebraska, I will be going with David Oku as well. We will both be up in Lincoln for that weekend on the 26th."

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