Alabama lineman makes a change

If you are fortunate enough to still be playing high school football right now, you've got a good team. Probably, you have a great team, but just how much so, some time remains. It's hard to think about recruiting during that time, but while Brett has been consumed by the post-season push, he's had enough attention on recruiting to make what looks like one major change.

Brett Byford, - OL - 6-4, 290, 5.1/40 - Hartselle, AL - Prior to this weekend, my own belief was that Brett's visit to Oklahoma was going to be key in deciding where he would eventually go. Still with the idea that the Huskers were heavy favorites for Byford, one obvious thought is that a school like Oklahoma could in fact make a hearty statement to any recruit coming along.

They never got that chance.

"The main reason is, I prayed about it and I'm pretty sure that's not where I am supposed to go, but he [the coach from OU recruiting Brett] had called about the visit, asked to call in about a week and see how that would go and he never called me back."

"I didn't have the time to re-schedule, so I just didn't."

Their loss is certainly another team's gain as Brett's elongated season have given even more schools a chance to see just why schools like Nebraska and Georgia Tech find him such an attractive prospect.

Another change in the works could be his visit to Nebraska. Originally scheduled for the 20th of December, NU's bowl bid might conflict with that date, depending on which bowl it is. If that's the case, Brett says that he will probably move the visit to later and Georgia Tech will take the 20th of next month for themselves.

This is actually something Brett isn't real fond of as the recruiting process is one he would like to end. "I want to schedule the visits as soon as I can, but between basketball, church or other things, it seems like I got something going every weekend." Brett said.

The timing might not be to his liking, but Byford will probably wait until his final visit to NU, whenever that is. There's also one other open spot that Brett hasn't filled yet, but at this point, it's up in the air as if he ever will.

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