Texas OL getting ready for visit

Are you getting ready for some turkey? Maybe some mashed potatoes, stuffing and corn? That's typical to most families across the country as the day of giving thanks is almost upon us. Of course, some of us diehards have to watch football and some, well they are even luckier. Ian-Yates is one of those as he isn't just watching football, he's doing it on an invitation as his official to Nebraska takes place this up-coming Holiday. Who needs turkey?

Ian-Yates Cunningham (Hebron Texas)-(OL-6'5-300-350/bench-500/squat-5.0/40) Being one of the top 10 OL in the country is something to be proud about, but having amassed "somewhere near 40," offers is something to write home about.

His high school season now being complete, Ian is now able to fully concentrate on the business of recruiting and getting his visits all lined up "Well, I was going to have to change some dates around with us in the play offs, but now I should have them all done before Christmas." What school does this primarily affect? The Nebraska Cornhusker will get a visit this upcoming Friday against Colorado "Originally they were going to be slated for the 20th of December because I'd be playing this week. I guess everything happens for a reason."

This will be the third visit Ian has set up as ND (6th of Dec) and Virginia (Dec 13th) are already scheduled. Georgia Tech will most likely be the only other school that will get a visit from Cunningham "I just got off the phone with the head coach of Georgia Tech, were hoping to have a date lined up by sometime next week."

In past interviews I've asked Ian about everything under the sun, so all I could think to ask him were the first two questions that popped into my head, the first being "If you could choose one thing that makes you the lineman that you are, what would it be?" His first answer was "Determination" he then went on to change it to "Aggressiveness." He went on to elaborate "You need to let the person you're playing against know you are better than them. You don't take a play off."

The second question I asked IYC was on whether him coming up with Will Oliver this week would have any impact on his future decision as Will seems to be a big time lean for the Cornhuskers. His answer might be considered a dodge, but it was plain and simple "It will and it wont, I mean were great friends, but were going to decide what's best for ourselves."

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