Monday Practice Report

In a weird week as far as time goes, Nebraska worked on a fairly normal schedule today, going full pads as they prepare for their up-coming game against the Buffs here in Lincoln. It's probably about as typical a day as you can get in what has been anything but a typical year.

"Nothing much for you today." coach Solich stated as he addressed the media after today's practice. And, indeed there wasn't much, but at this point of the year, you wouldn't expect their to be regardless of the circumstances of the game coming up.

"We will go most likely in half-pads tomorrow and then, we'll start to taper off a little bit."

Ones went against ones today with as Solich stated, some "major contact work." Solich also reported about Lord's progression back from missing most of the last week of practice. "He functioned well." Solich stated. "He showed no signs of anything bothering him, so it looks like he is back to full speed."

The rest of the team was reportedly in good health with the usual bumps and bruises, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The recent transpiring of the charge against Josh Brown for D.U.I. wasn't addressed, so the speculation will continue as to his status come the Colorado game, what will be Josh Brown's last game as a Husker inside Memorial Stadium.

The last time Josh faced Colorado in Memorial, he kicked the game winning field goal, Nebraska notching another nail-biter in a string of nail-biters before the game that would be anything but the following year in Boulder.

The game is scheduled to kickoff at 2;30 p.m. central time and will be aired on ABC.

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